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Local Sporting Events Blacked OUT on the Regional Sports Networks?


Local Sporting Events Blacked OUT on the Regional Sports Networks?

After going into chat six times, because I can't get my local team's games on the Regional 'sports network via DirecTV Now, I have been told on the sixth call that Local in Market games are not available on the RSN???  Then what is the point of having them???  I have always been able to watch Warriors and SF Giants games on the TV via Directv Satellite and also using Spectrum Cable, I upgraded my service on DirecTV now to be able to get RSN's and now am being told that the local games are blacked out!!!


This was NEVER mentioned to me when I signed up for the service... And five out of the six times I"ve called someone in customer service has managed to get the game to come up on my DirecTV app, and I"'ve been able to watch the game.  This sixth time, however, I was told that local, in-market games are NEVER available even if you subscribe to the RSNs?  


Somebody is lying... What is the scoop? I can watch the games using my CSNBay Area app on my phone after listing DirecTV NOW  as my provider... But apparently, I can't just use the RSN on DirecTV NOW to watch the games.  

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Re: Local Sporting Events Blacked OUT on the Regional Sports Networks?

Did you check to see if your RSN is available through DirecTV NOW before signing up? Enter your zip code here: http://www.directv.com/DTVAPP/packProg/attLocalChannels.jsp?assetId=att_cms_local_channels. I guess you have your answer already, but if it's not listed there then that is something you should have checked out and researched before signing up. DirecTV and DirecTV NOW are totally different services. DirecTV NOW has to start their negotiations from scratch with all of the networks/local broadcasts. They don't even offer AT&T Sportsnet even though they are owned by the same parent company. 

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Re: Local Sporting Events Blacked OUT on the Regional Sports Networks?

-##Yes, I did check before signing up and yes my zip code is included.
What I don't understand is why I can use my regional sports network app
indicating that DirecTV Now is my provider, fine. I have found a
workaround this farcical "blackout."
If the outside apps accept DirecTV now as a provider and allow streaming
through their apps, Why can't I just skip the middleman and get the games
through DirecTV NOW? There is a disconnect in the system.
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Re: Local Sporting Events Blacked OUT on the Regional Sports Networks?

Because the leagues/teams sell different rights to different carriers, and there is a hierarchy.  For example, if a local station shares rights with a RSN and a national channel for a particular league or game, many contracts give precedence to the local station, so the others get blacked out in the local station's market (at least if the local station demands that).  There can be a similar rights relationship between an RSN's own streaming app and a carrier streaming the RSN's live feed.  There's certainly no incentive for DTVN to black out a show - they do it because someone with the right to do so told them to.  In this case, the RSN's streaming app probably had priority over that same RSN's live feed streaming on a separate OTT provider.  This help article discusses it, but it oversimplifies (and is probably wrong in a place or 2).  Sports tend to have very complex rights hierarchies, because the leagues and teams sell their rights as many times as they can to as many customers as they can with as many different sets of rights as they can, and given that there are almost always overlaps, and that customers who buy rights want position over other rights holders (depending on how much they pay) - and add the fact that in some sports, the teams themselves can force blackouts if they don't have sellouts - and  there are always going to be sports blackouts of one sort or another.

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Re: Local Sporting Events Blacked OUT on the Regional Sports Networks?

Fine. then DirecTVNOW needs to stop saying that it offers RSN's because clearly they don't  I have had blackouts of game re-plays!! Not the live game but re-plays of the games hours later AND also after the games are done the commentary by  in my case NBC SportsNetworks, commentators... These are commentary shows... not the actual games themselves and I'm blacked out from even watching those!!. 

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