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Having Trouble with your AT&T TV NOW Stream?

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Having Trouble with your AT&T TV NOW Stream?

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A few things can impact your streaming experience and you have the power to fix many of them. Learn what affects your stream and things you can do about it


The speed you need


Heads Up: We recommend testing with one device using a wired connection. This will give you a better idea of your actual speeds. Your speed test should match up with your internet plan.

  • Wireless weakens over distance. If your bars are low on your device, improve your Wi-Fi.
  • Not all devices work the same. Test each device one at a time to see if one of them is using more speed that it should. 


Improve the Stream


If connecting wireless, there are several things that can be done to improve the signal, such as:

  • Changing the Wireless Channel: If you have AT&T Internet, check out how to change your Wireless Channel for NVG/Motorola and 2Wire/Pace)
  • Removing Environmental Interference: Speakers and other electronics can impact speeds. Take a look at this graphic for more information.
  • Reducing the number of devices: The more devices connected, the slower speeds can be.
  • Updating your plan: Have extra bandwidth to compensate for X-factors (additional devices, streams requiring more bandwidth). If you have AT&T service, log into your account at att.com to see what upgrades are available!


Tips to Speed up your Equipment


  • Scan for viruses.
  • Close all programs you are not using.
  • Clear your browser’s cache/cookies.
  • Make sure the Network Adapter is functioning properly (updated drivers).
  • Disable hardware acceleration for older computers/internet devices.
  • Reduce internet device's memory usage to have memory available for streaming.
  • Disable firewalls.


Happy Streaming!!



*I am an AT&T employee, and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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Re: Having Trouble with your DIRECTV NOW Stream?

Someone at ATT needs to be reprimanded for this crappy launch! And don't blame the users internet speed! Sling TV, NetFlix, Hulu are all working just fine, but not DirecTV Now (rename it to DirectTVMaybeLater!!)

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Re: Having Trouble with your DIRECTV NOW Stream?

Still getting error 60 and horrible buffering when it works.  I'm on an OC48 @ work with a wired connection.  I can tell you for a fact the problem isn't my connection speed.  It's becoming obvious that this service was "LAUNCHED" early as in still in BETA.  

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Re: Having Trouble with your DIRECTV NOW Stream?

Or Alpha.

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Re: Having Trouble with your DIRECTV NOW Stream?

Had trouble this morning after getting home from work. Every stream gave me a message that the channel was not in my package.  Removed the app and tried to log in and received a unknown error. Could not log in on the website either. Chat option was removed from the help area. Normal Directv support staff redirected me to the now website. Website redirected me to this forum. Luckily 20 minutes later the service was back up.  I understand that issues happen but we need some sort of communication from Directv that they are having a issue.  So far I like the service. I am coming from Vue and I appreciate the channel lineup and the 35 dollar lock along with a free Apple tv.  VOD is ok but weeks and weeks behind on episodes.  Hopefully they will get a cloud DVR like Vue in the near future. NFL Network would also be great with a Redzone option or Sunday ticket option for those who want to see all the games.  Best scenario is to have chat and phone support 24/7.  Vue would take the weekend off and that was frustrating when things went down.  Anyone know the resolution and bitrate for the streams?  Looks 720p and a bit softer then Vue so I can guess a lower bitrate.

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Re: Having Trouble with your DIRECTV NOW Stream?

I'm having trouble with stuttering picture/buffering on my PC, and I'm only using one device at a time.  I do not have this problem with Sling TV. I have Extreme wireless, so my wireless speed is not the problem.

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Re: Having Trouble with your DIRECTV NOW Stream?

 I'm not sure I will continue as a customer. There is no Customer Service online chat or phone support. I bought a new, more powerful router that delivers 30Mbps downstream and 5Mbps upstream and I'm still having connectivity issues. For AT&T to post a generic "we know there is a problem and we're working on it" type of statement is both vague and unacceptable. I tried AT&T cable TV and it was horrible, I was hoping this DirectTVNow app would be better but it looks like I was wrong again. Too bad AT&T doesn't care about offering a quality service to its customers. 

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Re: Having Trouble with your DIRECTV NOW Stream?

Is there a way to control the stream quality like to lower the bitrate to help with the buffering? I know ATT just released this service so I expect that there would be some problems at first. Hopefully, it gets better bec. this $35 for 100 channels, free ATV and doesn't affect your data if you use ATT wireless is a great deal. 

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Re: Having Trouble with your DIRECTV NOW Stream?

I have a reliable and frequently tested 75 MBPS up and down wired connection to one single device.  I don't have WIFI in my home at all.  No other devices are connected.  The problem is on your end.  That's obvious to all of us.  And the lie that it's our connection is very frustrating when it clearly is again an issue on your end.  Just please be honest make a public announcement explaining the issue what mistakes were made, and give us plan on how and when it will be fixed if it's fixable.  Until then either just shut it down or extend the free trial.  I personally think it would make more sense to shut it down.  Each day you're losing customers.  It's fairly certain at this point that on the sixth day of the seven day free trial that you're going to be losing a huge amount of your customer base that would never pay for this train wreck.  Thank you

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ACE - Sage

Re: Having Trouble with your DIRECTV NOW Stream?

I have no problem casting from my android phone, or on iPad or Samsung View.  


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Re: Having Trouble with your DIRECTV NOW Stream?

Say what lizdance40?  Go out a buy a fire tv stick or a fire tv box and sit thru all the error code 40 and contant buffering .   I took my rooted android phone running marshmallow, loaded the app on the phone and as i expected it didnt work at all ... it didnt buffer or anything it just error coded 40.   So I took the phone  and casted to my Google Nexus player which is unsupported by the way and hmm it worked for awhile  until i noticed it was using my 4g data via Ting/Tmobile.  I turned that off and the phone instantly quit and told me i had to use my phones data stream ... Now why would i want to do that while sitting in my home on my wifi network ..Needless to say this app for the phone has been removed.

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Re: Having Trouble with your DIRECTV NOW Stream?

Have super fast internet speeds and am having a BIG issue with freezing picture, trouble loading even though I have been watching it and am getting frustrated that I cannot watch a show all the way through! Hope you are working on the issues we are presenting!

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Re: Having Trouble with your DIRECTV NOW Stream?

Always get Error Code 40 on Chrome 55 64-bit on a Windows 10 Pro 64-bit machine.  It looks like buggy code served by DirecTV Now.  If you can, post screenshots of the Console errors from Chrome.  If we do that, the DirecTV Now techs might look at the screenshots and then fix the problems.  To get the Console errors in Chrome, go to Settings-More Tools-Developer Tools-Console.  Below are my Console errors after first login when I get the initial Error 40.


The errors happen with or without uBlock and with or without any other extensions.  The errors happen no matter what the DNS is, and I have tried several.  The errors happen for both Time Warner Cable and Verizon Wireless as the network.  The errors happen with or without a firewall.  The errors happen no matter what Chrome settings I try.  



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Re: Having Trouble with your DIRECTV NOW Stream?


IMG_0344.PNGI think DIRECTV should be able to work with h

I think DIRECTVNOW should be able to handle 56 Mbps, but still error 40 constantly 

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Re: Having Trouble with your DIRECTV NOW Stream?

This service is basically useless. Freezes everything no matter what channel I'm on. BTW, I have a 200mb connection and Slinger works fine. I'll be cancelling within the next few days...
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Re: Having Trouble with your DIRECTV NOW Stream?

It is not an issue with any of our internet speeds or equipment!!!!! Our freezing and streaming issues are a problem that Directv Now has not addressed! It is YOUR issue and if not fixed alot of people will be going back to PS Vue or Sling Tv...WAKE UP!!!

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