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Directv Now - ESPN3


Directv Now - ESPN3

Through the ESPN app I can get to ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNNews and ESPNU streams. I cannot get to ESPN3 streams. I get an 0033 error - The customer is not authorized for the content requested. I called ESPN and they said it was a DTVN authentication issue. I called Directv and was told they don't allow streaming of ESPN3. I looked on-line and found posts about users accessing ESPN3 using their DVTN account. Anyone know the real answer? And if ESPN3 is not available, why not? 

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‎01-10-2019 11:28 AM

Re: Directv Now - ESPN3

We're currently looking into the issue with ESPN3 and we are working to have a resolution as soon as possible. We really appreciate your patience through this inconvenience.


Prior access to ESPN3 on your DIRECTV NOW channel lineup or WatchESPN app was in error as ESPN3 is not part of the channel lineup. Keep in mind we’re always looking to add more channels into our lineups.



*I am an AT&T employee, and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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Re: Directv Now - ESPN3

Can you confirm if this is a contractual issue or a technical one?

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Re: Directv Now - ESPN3

Is this a joke?  Multiple threads on the community forums began pointing out this "inconvenience" more than 3 weeks ago and you're just now "currently looking into the issue" and "working to have a resolution as soon as possible"?  For the record, this is not just an "inconvenience."  It's a breach of the commitments you made when I picked up your service.  It is preventing me from watching time-sensitive programs you promised I could watch with your service, such as the ongoing ACC Basketball season, that can never be made up. What is more, your inability to find a solution for nearly a month, or your apparent indifference in doing so, reflects a special kind of incompetence.  I saw today where your subscriber base has been diminishing, and is predicted to continue diminishing.  I do not wonder why. 

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Re: Directv Now - ESPN3

no acc network, no espn3, slow loading guide, and price. that is the 3 main reasons i cancelled and went to playstation vue. there are no problems with the acc netowrk, espn3, the guide loads much faster, you can have 5 streams at once, unlimited dvr. and the cost is 15 a month less. I tried directv now for 5 months but when the espn3 issue lasted on it was the final straw. I think they are trying to run people off to get them to sign up for the new at&t service coming in 2019.

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Re: Directv Now - ESPN3

I solved the problem by switching to PlayStation Vue and adding CBS All
Access. The user interface takes some getting used to, but everything
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Re: Directv Now - ESPN3

Hate to be the bearer of bad news but Directvnow lied to you guys.


Very angry!!!!  I spoke with DirecTVNow and they said they had no idea why that would be happening and that it must be an ESPN issue.  Denied anything on their end.  Well, I spoke to ESPN on the phone about my authorization problems and told them that DTVN told me it was ESPNs problem.    ESPN was knowledgeable and told me flat out that DirectTVNow dropped ACCNetwork and ESPN3 from their subscription package.  This is not a technical problem at all.  They dropped it from their package.  I will be looking to switch providers now.  It's been a good run with DTVN but I'm looking at other services that do have the access to that content.  Deal breaker for me.

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Re: Directv Now - ESPN3

Sure wish SOMEONE from ESPN / ABC or DirecTV NOW /
AT&T would finally put something in writing one way or another.

DTVN still shows 'Watch ESPN' as one of their TV Anywhere apps. Without a
working login, that is a lie. I won't be paying any more bills until this
is resolved one way or another. As it is, I've already had to subscribe to
YTTV for both ESPN3 and NBC News (which still can't be authenticated through
DTVN) and if I wind up leaving DTVN over this (and I will, not having ESPN3
is by itself a deal breaker) it seems I'll just be one more loyal early
adopter in the rush to the exit.

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ACE - Expert

Re: Directv Now - ESPN3

It is a TV Anywhere app. Just currently not supported for all channels with DTVN.

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Re: Directv Now - ESPN3

Yes. The question is, why.

If DTVN decided to no longer pay ESPN / ABC for the streaming rights to
ESPN3 and ACC Network (while oddly keeping everything else, like the SEC
Network, intact) then why didn't the company notify its customers it was
going to do this? It's a service we have enjoyed for over two years. You
don't just drop it (concurrently with support for NBC News TV app) without
comment ... especially when you've just raised rates, with the false
justification that the range of content provided has improved.
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ACE - Expert

Re: Directv Now - ESPN3

No one here knows why. That yo u can take up with them using the chat.

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Re: Directv Now - ESPN3

I know that no one here knows anything about the issue; and in all the time
I've invested with them to date, chat support staff has only proven to
collectively not know anything about anything.

One thing I learned yesterday is they do have the ability to phone you
back, and can refund payments to your credit card if you don't plan on
hanging around long enough to use whatever bill credits they give you, or
explain you've had to subscribe to a competing service while they sort out
whatever it is DTVN needs to sort out. Fwiw.
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Re: Directv Now - ESPN3

Thanks for the info on credits.  


Chatted with a rep regarding ESPN3 (and billing issues, and a crappy DVR experience, and...) this evening - "Kathie : You will get this channel in December for sure as our team is already working on this."


If it is a contract dispute, why isn't there any mention of it in the regular/media news channel?  The Pac-12 negotiations (which failed) made national news.  


If it's merely a database error, then how much faith can we have in a company that can't fix a database error in less than 30 days? 


In the meantime, can we theorize?


What surprises me is how many times I see the "Your Event is in a Commercial Break" blackout (well, "blue-out") screen during sporting events during prime time (such as Saturday college football).  How about we sell those ad slots so there's no subscription price increase to the consumer?  Digiday (referenced below) has an article on this issue that makes digital advertising revenue sound complicated, but companies of this size have rarely let anything "complicated" stand in the way of making a dollar.  


I assume that those blue screens are high priced placeholders for the eventual inclusion of more targeted advertising?  The AT&T entity owns Xandr, which promises to deliver targeted advertising to consumers, A July article on Digiday states "CEO Randall Stephenson said the company can get three to five times more money per ad sold on DirecTV when using its data to target the ads to specific audiences." (from https://digiday.com/media/streaming-tv-services-hitch-their-rides-on-better-ad-targeting-to-turn-a-p...   Are they taking a loss on the blue screen commercial slot while they get Xandr positioned to sell you what you last Googled, instead of selling discounted ads right now?  If so, how about we sell those ads and I get that $5/month price increase back?


More importantly to readers of this thread, is there any chance that this advertising issue is at the root of the ESPN dispute?  ESPN has a very faithful following in their sponsors, and that Venn diagram may not merge wholly with the subscribers of DTVN. 


Generally reflecting on what I learned in research this evening, there are some other issues at play on a larger scale that makes me think DTVN is not a priority to upgrade or repair.  Nor are the subscribers a high priority, as some degree of churn is in already the budget.  A presentation to investors on Nov 29 detailed AT&T's plans, including an expected decrease in existing OTT subscribers. 


BUT - they're rolling out new streaming subscriber and VOD services next year that should reclaim some of the lost sheep.  There's a new rollout coming from DirecTV - a hardware-based streaming service that's supposed to launch in  Q1 2019 that should eventually replace the satellite service.  The rep I chatted with this evening had not heard of it or if she had, wasn't willing to promote it.  


Additionally, the Warner arm of the company is going to offer a service in fall 2019 with tiered subscriber VOD service that will have premium content. 


On the cheap side, there's WatchTV for $15 a month.  


With all those products, and some at price points that coincide with DTVN, who will want or need DTVN,, a product that hasn't seemed to overcome tech glitches since its launch?  Likewise, the OTT churn rate in general is so high that AT&T holds very good odds that any lost subscribers will eventually find their way back home to one of the new products. 


From a purely business/managerial point of view, if I ran AT&T, I probably wouldn't waste a lot of overtime hours on fixing DTVN if better revenue opportunities existed in the future, especially given the significant amount of negative press the service has received since its launch.  Their best best might be to perfect a new brand and migrate subscribers until people forget how much time they spent with less than optimal DTVN service and billing. 

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Re: Directv Now - ESPN3

Any updates?  Bowl game season is no fun without espn/abc/fox working correctly. 

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ACE - Expert

Re: Directv Now - ESPN3

Nothing has been reported. With basketball conference play beginning this will be a disaster.

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Re: Directv Now - ESPN3

This failure of service and communication from DirecTV Now / AT&T has,
unfortunately for them, allowed me (and presumably a great many others)
ample time to fall in love with YouTube TV, it's superior interface, and
it's outstanding-in-every-way unlimited DVR this bowl season.

Every college game broadcast, I've recorded.

Wrap up of the NFL season and the playoffs? I'm not even a big fan, but I'm
recording those, to. Why not?

The news shows I used to stream via tv-anywhere apps on DTVN, that also
stopped working around the time ESPN3 did — I'm recording those, too.

Every night's Jeopardy that my girlfriend and I will spend an evening
watching in a marathon trivia session a couple times a month? Done. Every
TV show I might have a passing interest in and might binge later?
Recorded. After all, why not? Everything can be recorded. And now, you
can choose whether to watch your recording (and fast forward through
commercials) or the on-demand version (which often blocks that ability) —
your recordings are no longer automatically replaced.

As for on demand; my GF and I started watching a show I hadn't recorded
yet, episodes that aired before I subscribed. One hour long episode had
the typical number of commercials, some short little clips, some
full-length. What amazed us both — every commercial was unique. We didn't
get shown the same, unskippable commercial even once all night. I'm so
used to seeing the same three commercials over and over again from other
on-demand services; and even many live cable networks; that I can't even
explain how refreshing that is. Kudos to Google and their mastery of
selling advertising.


Ironically, unlike with DirecTV, whose severe DVR limitations (only having
enough storage for a few games / the inability to extend recordings to
catch the end of potential overtime games / and most importantly, the
abysmal unreliability of said recordings — frequently failing to record in
the first place, and when they do, more often than not being to corrupted
with to be watchable) made having access to ESPN3 indispensable, I haven't
watched ESPN3 once since subscribing to YTTV.

So far, I'm still a customer of DTVN due to the fact they've provided me
enough bill credits to date, that I haven't had to pay in a couple months,
and I've assured them I won't be paying another dime of they don't publish
a public status of this situation ... (though I'm willing to keep giving
them their $5 a month for HBO) — but my latest comps will be ending soon.
If they aren't renewed, so, sadly, will my 2+ year subscribership.

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