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Re: Just signed up and cannot log in

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Receiving this message when you try to log in:

  • "Have we met? We don't recognize your info. Please try to sign in again or reset your password. For your security, we will lock your account for 60 mins after 5 log in attempts."
  • errorerror.JPG

We are also receiving reports of customers saying that once they try and reset their password they then receive:

  • "32603 : Something went wrong on our end and we are working to fix it. Please try again later."



*I am an AT&T employee, and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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My Iphone is AT&T so why doesn't my login info work on my iphone app?

My Iphone is AT&T so why doesn't my login info work on my iphone app?  I can login and watch directvnow on my windows laptop, my windows tablet, and my husbands windows desktop.  But when I use the same username/password on my iphone directvnow app, it tells me that my account is "hard locked try again later"  (even though the login information works fine on all of these other devices) but 24 hours later, I still get the same thing.  Why is it still locked 24 hours later?  I've tried deleting the app and downloading new, but I still get the same error.   I'd like it to work on my ATT phone.  I get the same error message when I try to login on my ipad, too.  It appears to be an IOS issue. I'm up to date on both the iphone and ipad OS so I don't know why I keep getting this error message when my id and password are NOT "locked" on windows devices.

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I keep getting 40403 error.

I keeping getting error 40403.  Says wrong email address.  I logged in several times when I setup the account.  Past 2 days, I've been unable to logon.

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Locked out

I just signed up, watched for a few minutes, but when I tried logging back from the same computer/Chrome 55 browser it's giving me an error that my username/password has been locked out for 60 minutes. I waited an hour and it's still locked. I have double checked my login info in fact I have copied and pasted it so no way its not correct.  Tried reseting the password, no email was received.

Please fix it, otherwise I won't recommend this service to anyone.

This is deffinitely not worth a penny if it keeps locking out users, at least regular cable is reliable.


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Community Support
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‎12-08-2016 7:08 AM

Re: DIRECTV NOW Sign-In - ERROR 32603

Sorry for the sign-in trouble! We're looking into this issue and working to fix it on our end so you can keep streaming your favorite shows and movies. Hang in there, we will be giving updates here as we get them. In the meantime, try streaming your service over different browsers, your mobile device, or your streaming media players. Check out our Supported Devices.


We’ll keep you posted.



*I am an AT&T employee, and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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Re: DIRECTV NOW Sign-In - ERROR 32603

I had the same problem today.  Why am I not surprised.  AT&T you need to up your game.  Maybe you put all your money in to buying companies and not enough in to engineering. 

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Can't reset password- error 401

I just signed up for the free trail and I can't log in. When I try it says user name/password specified does not exist. I used the reset my password link and they sent me an email with a link to reset password. When I click on the link it takes me to a site that says "Authenticaton Required" and asks me to log in. If I hit cancel it says "error 401" I tried the help chat but the customer on asks you to login which I can't and the other one says they can't help existing customers so what can I do? 

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Can't Login via browser

I am unable to log in via browser.  I am using a supported browser and I have tested it on two different computers.  I am able to access the service via phone app, but not via browser, which is how I normally watch.  I receive an error that my account is not recognized.  Obviously, this is not the case since the service is working using other methods.  Also, your online chat support seems to be disabled, there is no option for it anymore, all I have is twitter and this forum.  Unfortunate, since the service worked really well for me the first week.  I even tried to reset my password just in case, and I don't even receive the email from you to reset it.

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Also can't log in

I also can't seem to log in, I was able to log in on my MacBook earlier, but not on my iPhone or with firestick. 

Now I can't log in at all, any suggestions?




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Re: Can't Login via browser

I wouldn't say that is a solution to this issue.  I was able to stream on Chrome browser (not Internet Explorer) yesterday on PC and laptop.  Today I am getting same messages as noted in thread.  I am still able to stream with I-phone app, using same network.


My workaround was to clear complete history (all items) in Chrome browser and after that I was able to log in and stream on PC (wired).  It also enabled me to log in with laptop (wireless), but it is not pulling in video stream.


This is not something I will be doing every time I want to view DirectTVnow.

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Just signed up and cannot log in

Just signed up and cannot log in, requested password reset and never received an email
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Re: Just signed up and cannot log in

I started getting the "Have we met?" error in Chrome (v55, Windows7) yesterday morning,

but have been able to stream through my FireTV without issue.  On a whim, I tried logging

in through IE11, and that worked fine.  So, I decided to try clearing the directnow.com cookies

in Chrome, and yay, I can login using Chrome again.


To do this, bring up Chrome settings (upper right "customize..." menu), scroll to the bottom,

and click "show advanced settings."  Click the "content settings" button under privacy.

Click the "all cookies and site data" button under cookies.  In the search box, type 

"directvnow.com" (without quotes).  In the list below, you'll see a directnow.com entry

(and possibly a help.directvnow.com entry).  Click the "x" to the right of the directvnow.com

entry to remove the site's cookies.




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Re: Just signed up and cannot log in

I vote we put you in charge of DirecTV NOW tech support.  Thank you so much.  You have done something that the DirecTV NOW customer support on this forum has not been able to do.


Hey DirecTV Now;  you should make sure this is marked as the "ANSWER" not the stuff you put out.

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Re: Just signed up and cannot log in

This is not a solution. I have resorted to changing my password, got the email, to try and login on Apple TV and i keep getting error 32603. Since last night. Seriously, "hang in there" and "try another device" is a ridiculous way to stall. 

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Re: Just signed up and cannot log in

i can't even sign on to add services.  SMH    

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