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For the new DIRECTV NOW TV Experience, go here for updated Error Message details and troubleshooting.


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The below explain DIRECTV NOW error messages and the troubleshooting steps to correct them.



Error Message 10: No Connection

When streaming DIRECTV NOW® from a mobile device, you may occasionally experience issues with your connection.  Oftentimes, this can be fixed by powering your device down and restarting.  See Network Connections for streaming recommendations. 


Additional tips:

Restart your Wi-Fi network

Before restarting your home network, turn off any mobile or set-top device experiencing connection issues. Once the home network has been restarted, power can be restored to these devices.

  • Remove power from your modem and wait 30 seconds before turning back on. If you have a separate router device, restart it as well.
  • Plug your modem (and router if you have one) back in. Allow your devices to connect with your network. If there are any error lights or you do not connect, contact your Internet Service Provider.
  • Once the modem/router is online again, launch DIRECTV NOW.

Connect other devices

If you have other devices that connect to the Internet, test them to ensure your connectivity to the Internet. If they do not connect, please contact your Internet Service Provider.


Optimize your Wi-Fi signal

If your streaming device connects to the Internet using a Wi-Fi connection, the following steps may improve your connection:

  • Move your wireless modem/router to a central location in your home. This should provide a better connection. Do not place these devices on the floor and try to keep them elevated.
  • Avoid any placing your modem/router near any unrelated electronics, including stereos, speakers or telephone equipment. Interference from other electronic devices may interrupt signal.
  • Assess the number of devices connected to your Wi-Fi network. Remember, each device consumes bandwidth. 

If you're still experiencing trouble, please contact your Internet service provider.



Error Message 20: Login Error

This means that the DIRECTV NOW® email address and/or password was entered incorrectly.

  • Ensure you are using the email address associated with your DIRECTV NOW account.
  • Enter your password.  If you've forgotten your password, select Forgot Passwordand an email will be sent to the account holder with reset instructions.

The password reset link included in the email will remain active for 24 hours.  If that time has passed, please follow the instructions above to have another password retrieval email sent to the account holder.


If you've forgotten the email address associated with your account, select the Chat link (available 24/7) at the bottom of this page for assistance. 



Error Message 30: Service Error

We may be experiencing service related problems on our end.  If so, we'll work to resolve any issues as quickly as possible.  We apologize for any inconvenience!


For now, try the following tips which may also assist:

  • Restart your device/player.
  • Force close and restart the DIRECTV NOW®
  • Check for DIRECTV NOW app updates in your software store.
  • Uninstall/reinstall DIRECTV NOW app.
  • Look for device software updates in your software store.



Error Message 40: Video Error

This message indicates trouble while loading video content. We are likely experiencing a temporary delay in data transmission and will resolve the issue as soon as possible.


For now, try the following tips which may also assist:

  • Restart your device/player.
  • Force close and restart the DIRECTV NOW®
  • Check for DIRECTV NOW app updates in your software store.
  • Uninstall/reinstall DIRECTV NOW app.
  • Look for device software updates in your software store.



Error Message 50: Location Services Are Off

Your device's "Location Services" may be turned off.  To update:

  1. Go to Settings on your device.
  2. Enable Location Services.
  3. Try again to identify your location using the DIRECTV NOW app.



Error Message 60: Too Many Streams

You have reached the limit of playable devices for your subscription.  Currently, you can stream content simultaneously on up to two devices with DIRECTV NOW®.

An additional subscription is required if you need more than two simultaneous streams.



Error Message 70: Blackout

If a game is blacked out from certain channels or subscription packages, you may be able to see it on another channel or on a local broadcast channel, if available in your area.


How do blackouts work?

Sports blackouts are controlled by the leagues, associations and networks that purchase the rights to broadcast individual games. This is also in conjunction with local teams. For example, our agreements with sport leagues and associations restrict us from airing events near where a game is locally broadcast. In other cases, national networks like ESPN and TNT retain exclusive distribution rights to an event.


If a national network has the national rights to broadcast a sports game, DIRECTV NOW customers who live in the home team's area may not be able to watch with their DIRECTV NOW subscription. If a network that DIRECTV NOW carries has national rights to broadcast a game, it will be available on those channels.


Regional sports networks do not obtain national broadcast rights for professional sports.


Important information about blackouts

Channel line-ups are based on the account holder’s billing address and determined by zip code.

Viewing is based on physical location and broadcast market at the time you're watching.

Teams, events, and programs not distributed locally are subject to a blackout.


Types of Blackouts



Error Messages 80, 81, 82, 83, 84, 85: Action Failed

If you see an “Action Failed” error message, it is likely associated with one of the following tasks:

  • Error Code 80: Saving a Favorite channel
  • Error Code 81: Adding a show to a Watchlist
  • Error Code 82: Displaying the Show Details screen
  • Error Code 83: Entering the Guide screen
  • Error Code 84: Selecting Show All Content
  • Error Code 85: Searching for content

These errors should be rare and normal functionality should resume quickly.  If the error message continues to appear, please close out of the DIRECTV NOW app and relaunch it.  We apologize for any inconvenience.



Error Message 90: Rental

If you see error message 90 after purchase of a Video On Demand rental, sign in to your DIRECTV NOW account to check availability of the title and start time, if applicable.

Apple iOS:
In order to rent the desired show, sign in to your DIRECTV NOW online account for more info.

To rent the desired show, go to directvnow.com/ppv and sign in to your online account.

*I am an AT&T employee, and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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Re: DIRECTV NOW Error Codes

What about

QP 1401, 1402, 1501, 1502, 1004006 etc?
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Re: DIRECTV NOW Error Codes

Your internet speed is not the problem.  The buffering problem is on their end.  

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Re: DIRECTV NOW Error Codes QP1502

I'm not using WiFi I'm wire connected and constantly getting the QP1502 error messages and freezing on the Apple TV and also on my computer. Please fix or else I will have to terminate this service. I prepaid for three months and into my second week of service. I did everything suggested in the forum and nothing worked. Come on I have many family members waiting until I give them the go ahead to sign up. But with this constant error messages and freezing how can I recommend your service. I terminated Sling Tv to join your service. Come on get it together.
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Re: DIRECTV NOW Error Codes

I am getting an error code that is not one of those.  It has a qp and the 4 digits.  I saw another user who posted that had the same error code. Please get it resolved so the service is usable

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Re: DIRECTV NOW Error Codes

I have an Apple TV that is hard wired to a 200 mpbs connection.  Absolutely no problem streaming from any other service.  I the last two months I have been able to watch less than 4 hours of tv because of streaming problems.  directv should be fined by the ftc for their unfair business practice.  I will never get service with them again.  this has been a total disaster and ripoff.

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Re: DIRECTV NOW Error Codes

Left out unknown error.
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Re: DIRECTV NOW Error Codes

Well I got the exact same problem last night.  AHC was showing a program called "The American Revolution" and DTVN told me it was "blacked out in my area".  You're blacking out the War of Independence???  Maybe it's time for a second revolution - against crummy TV services that don't work.


Like DTVN's Chat system.  I've yet to be able to establish a connection through that.  Amazing - plenty of other companies seem to know how to do this - what's your excuse, DirecTV Now?

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ACE - Expert

Re: DIRECTV NOW Error Codes

But its not DTVN that is doing the blackout.

Award for Community Excellence 2019 Achiever*
*The views and opinions expressed on this forum are purely my own. Any product claim, statistic, quote, or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider, or party.
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Re: DIRECTV NOW Error Codes

Same buffering problem daily. No support. 

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Re: DIRECTV NOW Error Codes

in case you are wondering error code 41100 is that you have used a credit card more than twice. I signed up for the seven day trial three times in a row using three different email addresses so i got 21 days for free. when i tried to sign up a fourth time the chat person said due to my credit card was linked to three other accounts i can no longer sign up using that card so i used a different card

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Re: DIRECTV NOW Error Codes

any idea on what error code 43404 is?


trying to verify my mobile number

*I am an AT&T employee, and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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Re: DIRECTV NOW Error Codes

I keep getting Error UVP 104 and UVP 1011 when trying to watch TV shows.  I have 3 TV's and happening mostly on the newest TV.  It's getting frustrating to not be able to watch a full TV show.


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Re: DIRECTV NOW Error Codes

Have had nothing but issues, leaving the end of my script. Provide a service that works.

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Re: DIRECTV NOW Error Codes

Ok iv'e been a Directv now customer for a while really liked it.  AT&T took over and now i cant watch anything

it updated itself and now i have an error code of 50001-001 i did the chat thing and it was no help they just told me it would be 24 to 36 hours before its fixed. i'm not a happy customer

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Re: DIRECTV NOW Error Codes

Error code 10007-003 will not allow me to watch Fox News Network. Every single other channel works great. I try to load Fox News and I am receiving this error every time I try. Or error 10025-001. Something fishy going on.  DIRECTV NOW.pngDIRECTV NOW2.png

Directv Now Fox News

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