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Re: Comcast Sports Net Plus (Chicago)


Comcast Sports Net Plus (Chicago)

Does DirecTv Now not have Comcast Sports Net Plus?  I have been watching the cubs games on Comcast Sports Net, but for some genius reason they switch programming on the main channel a few innings into the game, and show the remainder of the game on the Plus channel.  Such a bummer to get half way through a game and they change programming on you.

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Re: Comcast Sports Net Plus (Chicago)

They do not carry the plus version of that channel and even if you log into the NBC Sports app with your DirecTV Now credentials, you cannot get that channel.  Many of the Cubs games are unwatchable on DirecTV Now because if they are on CSN+, DirecTV Now blacks them out on the MLB Network. 


They have also been screwing Chicago area DirecTV Now customers over for games on the local ABC (WLS) feed that DirecTV Now carries.  When a Cubs game comes on, they incorrectly switch the DirecTV Now Chicago area ABC feed to an alternate broadcast for the duration of the game and the MLB Network feed is also blacked out preventing watching of the game.  Some games are on the local WGN (not the national super station) channel which DirecTV Now does not carry.  If you do not have a good enough antenna to get a proper picture on the over the air channels, you cannot watch those games either.  I have put in an FCC complaint about DirecTV Now lying to potential Chicago area customers when they signed up by saying that they would get MLB games when we cannot get many of the games that are available on the channels they carry.

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Re: Comcast Sports Net Plus (Chicago)

My DTVN credentials work on the NBC Spports Live app on my Roku only for my local NBC Sports RSN teams ( A's, Giants, Warriors & Sharks) I'm allowed one stream only for the A's or the Giants at a time. But the Warriors and Sharks I was able to connect to thre simultaneous streams for some reason. I live in zip code 94579.  I tried watching the games on my Fire Stick and my Chromebook, but the games are not autheinticated. It works on Rolu only.
Am I the only one to be able to watch these games????

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