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Beta Testing Directv Now Streaming Box

Beta Testing Directv Now Streaming Box

I’ve been beta testing the streaming box since receiving it a few weeks ago.  Setup had plenty of hiccups; it initially crashed and had attempt setting up multiple times. Finally got it setup and connected to my WIFI network, but it would consistently loose connection.  So I gave it a rest out of frustration.  


I’ve tried multiple times to use since.  The best is that it works fine for up to 5 - 10 minutes and then somehow crashes my entire WIFI network, i.e. all other devices that were connected to the network lose connectivity. This happens consistently. I’ve had to discontinue using to avoid this issue.  As soon as I take the streaming box off my network, the network recovers all other devices can connect to the network. 


I’ve received no communication from ATT and I even attempted to be proactive to connection with ATT without any luck.  It would be easier for ATT to simply go with a Roku Streamkng Stick if this is the best the box will do.  

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Re: Beta Testing Directv Now Streaming Box

Would someone be kind enough to show me this “no resale” policy? It’s my property. I can do whatever I want with it. I didn’t sign any agreements stating otherwise. 

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