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BBC America

I'm hoping for the addition of BBC America to the providers list. My experience with DirectTV Now has been great to this point and the lack of on demand BBC programming is my only disappointment to date.
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Re: BBC America

Hey @fishyeggs,

We're glad you're having a great experience! We are always looking to add more on-demand content to our platform and increase our network sites access. In the meantime, check out our updated list with 40+ network sites and apps: Use your DIRECTV NOW account to access network sites and mobile apps

Hope this helps.


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Re: BBC America

It doesn't help....BBCA VOD is out of date. It used to be up to date, but now it is weeks behind.
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‎06-06-2017 9:57 PM

Re: BBC America

There is a BBC America app for Apple TV that has DTV Now as a provider. There isn't one for the Amazon Fire TV yet, though, although the one for the Fire tablet might work.

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Re: BBC America

That's awesome. I'm happy that Direct TV Now has been added as a provider. This must have just happened as I had checked just a few days ago. Thanks for the update!
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Re: BBC America

Yes, it (along with other AMC channels) was just added this week.

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Re: BBC America

The BBC line up on Direct tv now is not the line up shown on BBC America’s website. Why?

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Re: BBC America

Not sure what you are saying/asking here. 


Does the live stream on the BBCA channel through the DirecTV Now app not match the live stream you get on the BBCA app?  Does the schedule shown by the 2 guides not match?  (For what it's worth, both the guides and the actual streams match for me.) 


Or are you saying that the on-demand library for BBCA shows that DirecTV Now has doesn't match the on-demand library you get using the BBCA app?  That is not unusual - in the case of many (most) networks, they offer different on-demand libraries than they provide to the carriers (usually the networks offer more content - additional series, or more episodes, or more seasons - through their own apps, but occasionally they offer less content than the carriers have for that network).  As for why they do this - I assume there are financial benefits to the networks or other business reasons.  In some cases they license the additional content to other streaming services (like Hulu or Netflix) for a fee, but their agreement with those services limit what they can offer through the "live" carriers.  Perhaps they aren't the actual content owners and just license the content themselves - in this case, their licenses may limit their ability to sub-license the content to the carriers.  There are likely other reasons.  Also, they charge the carriers for on-demand libraries, and it is likely that in some cases the carrier can choose how extensive an on-demand library they want and are willing to pay for.  It is quite probable that there are carriers that pay more and get more extensive libraries than DirecTV Now does.


It is also a fact that the DirecTV Now on-demand libraries appear to have holes/gaps in many of the series that they do have.  No one here knows why this is - it could be operational problems/errors on DirecTV Now's part, it could be odd restrictions in their licenses, it could be something else.  However, this is one reason that many people prefer to use the network apps (if their are available) for on-demand rather than depending on the DirecTV Now libraries.

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