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Re: DIRECTV Now xbox app


AT&T TV xbox app

The website says they are working on an native AT&T TV Xbox app... 


I'm currently using YouTube TV on the Xbox and it's really good, but since I have better value with AT&T. Is there a way to solve this? 


Or I need to cancel AT&T TV? 

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Re: DIRECTV Now xbox app

What I do is use AirServer Xbox the app cost $20 BUT (I make new accounts and use FREE trials) with this app on your Xbox you can cast the DirecTV Now app to your Xbox as if it was AirPlay and watch like that. that’s the closet way

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Re: DIRECTV Now xbox app

@Jrandomuser Your Your June14,2018 1:10am comment is quiet possibly the most laughable and unintelligent thing I have seen on these forums.  It clearly shows you have little knowledge of the subject of which you speak.  “If it’s even possible given the resources...on the Xbox one” are you working with a  Commodore 64 as your most advanced piece of technology?  They could creat an app that would work on the Xbox in very very little time if they wanted.  AT&T U-verse has been on the Xbox for YEARS (since the Xbox 360).  YouTube’s been on for years.  Netflix longer than any of them.  So to say if its even possible given the current limitations of the Xbox is absolutely laughable and shows your lack of knowledge or Your just playing stupid.

  The fact has very likely been a windows based app since the inception of the service and for some reason they have chosen not to put it out.  In fact even if Microsoft for some reason denied them the ability to use a Windows (Xbox) app on the Xbox, they could just as easily turn around and make a version that works in the internet explorer or edge browser and not need Microsoft’s approval of an Xbox app.  The truth is there is a very specific reason they have chosen not to support Microsoft devices or browsers.  What that reason is, I do not know but it’s very obvious they have gone out of there way not not support these devices and software.  I find this very disrespectful to its customers when a large amount have asked about this and AT&T refuses to give a truthful answer.  If they don’t want to support them then they should have the courage to simply come out and say “we aren’t going to support them, the reasons are our own so stop asking.”  But that wouldn’t make since since U-verse is supported on Xbox and Microsoft browsers.


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Re: DIRECTV Now xbox app

Incorrect.  They do specifically claim in their support that Xbox one support is coming soon.



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Re: DIRECTV Now xbox app

Just Faust FYI, I actually got someone at AT&T  gave an answer other than “support is coming soon”.  This person claims that while she doesn’t have a date we will finally get the app but we will have it this year.


Reference Number: 724054328471681014
DATE/TIME: 2018-09-07 21:05:36
Your chat transcript:
PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS MESSAGE - All replies are automatically deleted.
DIRECTV NOW : Hello, thanks for chatting with DIRECTV NOW. Our team is investigating an issue you may be experiencing. What topic would you like to chat about?
Me : Device support
Please select the device below that you would like to stream on.
We found the following information which could be helpful:
Me : xbox
Me : whats the point of chat if a real person isn’t trying to provide support?
You will now be connected to a live chat specialist who will assist you.
Diana : Hey! My name is Diana. Please give me a moment to review your request.
Diana : How can I help you regarding the DIRECTV NOW?
Me : i would like to know when Xbox support is going to be added
Diana : Yes, I can help you with that information.
Diana : Let me check with my team.
Diana : One minute please.
Me : ok
Diana : Thanks.
Diana : I have checked with my team and see that there is no exact time frame. However, for 100% sure we are going to get this. Once the device is added to compatibility list, you will receive an email!!
Diana : I will forward your email address to my team.
Diana : I will go ahead and Escalate the issue for you so that it will be added soon!
Diana : ~
Me : but y’all having been saying support coming soon since directv now came out
Diana : No worries, trust me we will get as earliest as possible.
Diana : I will inform to my team.
Me : ok you obviously don’t care and are trying to get me to end the conversation. So I’ll call Monday and cancel my subscription and use a competitor that is on Xbox.
Diana : I'm sorry to hear that. i will surely take this as a feedback and forward the details.
Diana : We will get the support for you!
Me : I’m sure. Y’all have been saying that since you launched the service and can’t even give an estimate of when you might have an app out. Y’all always say it will be soon. Terrible customer support. Just what I expect from AT&T
Diana : We are remapping the servers to get the Xbox as support! However, once the games are started you will see the Xbox as support.
Me : will this be this year? Next year?
Diana : Yes, you will get in this year for sure!
Diana : I really wish I can help you with the ETA on this. Unfortunately, our team did not share any info on this. If not I would happily helped with the info!
Me : I’ll remember that come January 1st
Me : thanks for your time
Diana : You are most welcome.
Diana : Thank you for choosing AT&T services. We appreciate your business with us!
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Re: DIRECTV Now xbox app

I realize this thread actually started several months ago, but in case you all haven’t seen this yet:

 FF818A5D-8D14-48E8-A2D8-296881F49B35.jpegA gift from every disgruntled subscriber who has been submitting this feedback from day one.

 **Edit: I’m seeing now that I missed page 2 of this discussion, and this has already been confirmed by multiple users... Well, oh well... Further evidence.

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Re: DIRECTV Now xbox app

"This year for sure" is looking pretty unlikely now on 12/30.


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ACE - Expert

Re: DIRECTV Now xbox app

They can't get the current devices to perform correctly. I don't see the Xbox ever being supported with DTVN beta testing a branded device just for them.

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‎08-22-2019 11:03 AM

Re: DIRECTV Now xbox app

Hi all,


This has been an ongoing question for some time. 


I did some poking around and as of now, there is no update if or when an XBOX app will be available. If I hear anything, I will let everyone know. 



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