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AT&T TV NOW New TV Experience - True Cloud DVR (beta)

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AT&T TV NOW New TV Experience - True Cloud DVR (beta)

With AT&T TV NOW, you now have the ability to store 20 hours of programming at no extra charge.

  • You can keep the content for up to 30 days.
  • Once you reach 20 hours of storage, the oldest recording will be deleted.
  • With True Cloud DVR(beta), we’re still testing things out so you’re likely to see a few updates as we work on it.



  • Content Airing Now
    1. While streaming live content, select REC
      • On a computer, REC appears in the lower-right of the video player. 
      • On a mobile device, tap the screen to display additional options and select REC.
    2. A confirmation will display and REC will highlight red.
    3. To watch later, go to My Library > DVR Recordings to view your playlist.
  • Record a scheduled show or series 
    1. Select a scheduled show from the Guide.
    2. Select Record or Record Series to add the title to your DVR Recordings.

At the moment, some channels are not currently available for live recording, such as HBO, HBO Family, HBO Latino, and Cinemax - but stay tuned for more updates.



  1. Go to My Library > DVR Recordings.
  2. Select a title from your list to watch. Or select Delete Recording to delete.
  3. Select Upcoming Recordings to view what’s scheduled to record. You can delete titles from recording 



  • Content not Recording
    • Not all content is recordable per content provider rights.
    • If you are not subscribed to that channel, you will not be able to record it. Check your package to see if you are subscribed to that channel or if it is a local channel or regional sports channel, check to see if it is available to you.
    • You will not be able to record the channel if it is currently not available in your area. If you are traveling, you may no longer be able to access your local channels, so if you are trying to record a show in your area that is not available at your current location, it will give you an error.
    • If the show has no upcoming air dates, it will not allow you to record. If you search for a show and there are no upcoming airings of that show in the next 14 days, you will get an error message stating you are not able to record the show, since there are no listings for that show in the system.
  • Unable to Watch Recording
    • Test to see if you are having the same issue on another device.
    • Restart the device.
    • Make sure your device and the AT&T TV NOW app are up to date.
    • Check your internet connection.
    • Uninstall and reinstall the app.
    • If still having issues, the program may be corrupt. You may be able to view the content with 72-Hour Rewind or through one of our supported 3rd Party Network Apps or Sites.



*I am an AT&T employee, and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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Re: DIRECTV NOW New TV Experience - True Cloud DVR (beta)

There is currently only one fix, that I know of anyway,  for the Samsung issue and that's to use an external device. I know it would be nice to have all the apps we want built right into a smart TV's software, but built in TV apps or Bluray player apps, etc, have never been as good or as up to date and supported as well as the apps for the big  name devices in which apps are their sole purpose.  The external devices   like FireTV, Apple TV and Roku have a much much larger amount of users than specific television models or model series, many  of which require individually compiled apps due to different software and chipsets.

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Re: DIRECTV NOW New TV Experience - True Cloud DVR (beta)

I have the same issue but have found after watching it was the show I wanted but the name in the DVR is incorrect or was the previous show and it may have ran over a little so watch a little bit first to be sure.

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Re: DIRECTV NOW New TV Experience - True Cloud DVR (beta)

Sorry, You don’t have the same problem, I can’t record at all.  



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Re: DIRECTV NOW New TV Experience - True Cloud DVR (beta)

dear directv now,

i was an early adopter of directv now, and beta tester for the upgraded platform. i am sad to say that i will be looking for a new provider. i had such high hopes that your service would get better over time but it is just getting worse.  most recently, i recorded 3 movies from tcm on the same day, one right after the other. i received error code 30002-018 on the 3rd movie. i uninstalled the app on my firestick and reinstalled it, rebooted the firestick, tried to play the movie on my ipad and nothing worked. the other 2 movies played without issue, so why wouldn’t the 3rd movie? i eventually gave up and deleted the move much to my chagrin and frustration. let’s face it, your customer care record is subpar at best and you’ve grown past even acknowledging the problems of your customers because monster at&t is so preoccupied with taking over as many companies as they can without the ability to support the business or customer.

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Re: DIRECTV NOW New TV Experience - True Cloud DVR (beta)

I can't figure out this DVR issue. It works and then not.
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Re: DIRECTV NOW New TV Experience - True Cloud DVR (beta)

There are some TCM movies that can't be streamed online due to rights issues (like This is Spinal Tap), so that might be why one of them wouldn't play.

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Re: DIRECTV NOW New TV Experience - True Cloud DVR (beta)

I'm guessing you might be true. There was a TCM movie that I recorded
and it was unavailable on Amazon. I had some problems with CBS series I
hear some people get CBS as a paid app. I just wish someone at AT&T
would respond with that explanation. I CAN'T DEAL with uninstalling the
app even in the cloud, rebooting my new cable provided and installed
gateway modem and Firestick and reinstalling NOW for nothing. I pay $50
for AT&TNow and $65 for my internet. In NJ cable is a utility and I have
only 1 choice of cable provider. I could get satellite but
cable/internet was costing me $175 a month providing internet for me and
my son/daughter/granddaughter on Social Security. So I'm saving $60 a
month and thought of dropping  AT&TNow because I have Amazon Prime too.
If I drop it (my package) I can't get it back. I like Hallmark Channels.
I'm stuck I guess but if it goes up more I'll just go to sling I guess
or drop my tv alternative. They have 40 hours of DVR. I need to be able
to eat.
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Re: DIRECTV NOW New TV Experience - True Cloud DVR (beta)

Closing in on a year and still in beta. Ridiculous!

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