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s20 Remote will not turn off receiver


s20 Remote will not turn off receiver

I just received three (3) new s20 remotes to replace my s10 remotes.  Immediately, the remotes would power on/off the receiver, however, after programming the TV, the "power" button will no longer turn off the receiver.  Every other traditional receiver/remote function seems to working, although not as well as the s10 remotes.  Yet another Uverse issue I have had to deal with.  


How can I reprogram the "power" button to once again turn the receiver on/off.  

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Re: s20 Remote will not turn off receiver

Yes, the power list is not automatic on th es-20 as it is on the S-10.

You have to build it.


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Re: s20 Remote will not turn off receiver

Yes.......I did build the power list as instructed per the fold-out instructions which accompanied the remote.  AFTER building the power list, the remote fails to power down the receiver.  Once I MANUALLY turn off the receiver, I can press the "OK" button to turn the receiver back on. 


The instructions provided which I followed include:

  1. Enter Program Mode – Press and hold the OK and MENU keys simultaneously for three seconds until the POWER key flashes red twice to confirm you are in program mode.
  2. Press POWER key – Press the POWER key. The POWER key will blink once and the remote backlighting will remain on.
  3. Program the power on and off sequence for your devices – Using the illustration to the right, press each key in the sequence you wish to turn on and off when the power key is pressed. The POWER key will flash red once for each device programmed. [Here, I pressed the "My Multiview" (aka STB) button and "On Demand" (aka TV) button]
  4. Press OK to save – Press the OK key to save the power control settings. The POWER key will flash red twice.

Is this the cheap remote all customers get as replacements?  Between all devices and packages, I would presume $400+ per month would provide better overall equipment - remote issues, modem has to be reset every couple weeks, etc.  All these issues have become too consistent and persistent requiring the inefficient waste of valuable time. 



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Re: s20 Remote will not turn off receiver

So what do I do if I have followed the directions and my receiver still does not turn off?  I have gone through the four step procedure multiple times and it still only powers down my TV.  When the TV and receiver are both on, I push the power button, the TV shuts down the the receiver's lights blink and the sound cuts out for a second, then come back on.


I have the sound running from the receiver's red/white audio output to my older surround sounds 3.5mm jack.  I leave the sound system on all the time and since the receiver still puts out sound, I still get sound when everything should be off.

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Re: s20 Remote will not turn off receiver

@kob928 - There is something wierd going on with that power. THere was a previous thread on the issue. After lunch I can see if I can find it & I will see what I can reproduce.


If you want to try something - I am guessing, based on yours and the previous posts, you somehow have the receiver in the power list twice.

Each time you do the power list it should replace what was there. BUt, it does not seem to work that way.


Try doing the power list program without entering any devices. Then see what is programmed by exercizing the power button.


Then do the program of the list with just the TV & see if you get both with the STB just once.

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Re: s20 Remote will not turn off receiver

@kob928 -  I did try programming the power list & found some deficiencies in the remote, but not the one you are describing.


I did find flaky turn off - about 50/50. On was 100% but OFF 50%.


It appears not to be recognizing the IR. My solution for this case is covering the IR sensor on the STB with this tape - http://www.homedepot.com/p/Commercial-Electric-2-in-x-150-ft-Vinyl-Electrical-Bundling-Tape-Silver-3...


I covered the sensor with the tape & achieved 100% success.


Other remote deficienies found -


It is incredibly slow. Takes forever to power up/down two devices.


The directions say - set the order of the power toggle. First, I tried the TV first & it did the STB first. I also tied STB first & last & it only did it first. STB is always first.

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Re: s20 Remote will not turn off receiver

I also have the same problem.  When I first received the S30 remote, the power button turns on and off the STB OK.  When the TV power is programmed, the power turns on and off the TV but not the STB (it blinks off but then immediately turns back on).  If I set the power sequence control to TV and STB, the same thing happens.  If I remove all power sequencing and then power sequence only the TV, again the same happens. It appears any TV programming doubles the occurence of the STB in the list.  I was sent two S30 remotes and this problem occurs on both.  It appears that the remotes have a built-in faulty circuit.   My solution:  I have the STB connected to a home theater.  I program the power to control both the TV and Home Theater but not the STB.  That works - a single push of the power button turns both the TV and Theater on or off.  However, the STB remains on permanently which is OK with me (I guess).

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Re: s20 Remote will not turn off receiver

@wmills01 - RE: However, the STB remains on permanently which is OK with me (I guess).


That sounds like the original problem. Whether or not it will bother you depends on how much you use u-verse. You only get four streams into the house. If you watch/record four on other boxes, this one will get in the way. But, if it is your primary box & you do not record a lot, it would not be a problem.


But, if it is left on, power toggle will turn it off. Of course, that is easily overcome by pressing OK.


I do recommend the tape because I know that it can work (from personal experience & others posting). There are other alternatives.


Perhaps the easiest is to push the STB back so that the face is farther back than the face of the TV. Or, drape a newspaper page or tissue paper or the IR sensor.

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Re: s20 Remote will not turn off receiver

Many thanks, I will try both the tape and STB placement.  I would prefer to have the STB controlled and not the Home Theater since I use the Home theater to play Audio and would like it to be permanently on.

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Re: s20 Remote will not turn off receiver

@wmills01- I think that there are two different problems -


Not turning OFF is an IR interference problem & you should not have to turn on/off your HT.


I was confused about how the power sequence programming worked & gave it another try - I had both the STB & TV power toggling & programmed just the TV & it actually did that (STB did not turn on). Then I did both TV & STB & was back to normal.


So, you should be able to do the same - program just the two & leave the HT alone.


Of course, the STB may not turn off due to IR interference.


Try sequencing the TV first - then the TV will turn on first, but may be dark for a while & turn off first, so it will be dark when the STB is getting its IR.



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Re: s20 Remote will not turn off receiver

Thanks for the suggestion.  When sequencing both the TV and STB (regardless of the order) only the TV turns on and off when pressing the power button once, and the STB behaves as follows:  If the STB is off, it momentarily turns on then immediately turns off.  If the STB is on, it momentarily turns off and then immediately turns on.  This is just like it is in the list twice.  The only way I can get the STB to behave as it originally did, to correctly power on and off with a press of the power button, is to reset the remote to its factory settings (code 981).  I think there is a circuit design defect in ATT's S20 and S30 remotes.  I guess I'm back to controlling the HT.

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Re: s20 Remote will not turn off receiver

@wmills01 - OK - I am not familiar with 981. I did not know the s-20 used number codes. I search the prog doc & did not find it. Can you give a reference.


My programming seems to work right & I can only think of checking a couple of details -

When pressing OK/Menu, the power button does flash initially, but, continue to hold them down (they say for three seconds - a long three seconds) for a second flash.


Press the power button ( I forgot this step at one point)


Press the desired device(s) button(s)


Press OK before the button lights go out.


Long ago I belive I had the double operation of the STB, but I do not know how I got out of it & I cannot reproduce it.

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Re: s20 Remote will not turn off receiver

Here's the URL for the S20/S30 factory reset:




Thanks much.   If you happen to remember the double STB problem and resolution please let me know.   Happy holidays!! 

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Re: s20 Remote will not turn off receiver

Think anyone actually reads these...?  And takes advice from their design flaws?

Brand new service, and I was using the remote and the set top box to control everything. Channel, volume, etc...  I had to use my TV remote only to power on the TV itself... Until I decided to finally spend the time to program the remote.


Except, the set top box volume was turned down.  So when I programmed the remote, turning up the TV volume to max was still very quiet.  And there is no way to turn the set top volume back up, becuase now the remote will only send volume commands to the TV.  


And there is no simple menu option on the set top to disable the volume reduction, or reset it. STUPID!!


So, 45+ minutes of searching later, I finally discover how to clear the remote (thanks to this site) then turn the set top volume back up, then re-program the remote for my TV.  The users guide doesn't have a "Reset" topic, it could really use that. Finally, it's working.


And their on-line chat just poped up offering to help.  Then he refused to help.  Something about he couldn't find my name in a AT&T account. Gave me a phone number to call. Good a reason as any to refuse to help your customers, huh?


I won't call the number.  I don't need to spend 20 minutes yelling at their automated system to stop "testing my service to identify problems". I'm pretty confident it wouldn't be able to identify this issue with their automated tests.

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ACE - Expert

Re: s20 Remote will not turn off receiver

Don't call.  Don't chat.  Either search/post here for general information or send a Private Message to the social media care groups for account issues.  You'll be so much happier.


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