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Simpler way to use a DVD player?


Simpler way to use a DVD player?

Hello! I've been helping my mother program her controller. Unfortunately, while I've got the grey U-verse remote to pair with her DVD player, in order for her to access it from watching something on U-verse, she needs to 1. press the TV button, 2. press the TV input button to go to Input 1, 3. press the DVD button in order to control the DVD player.


Then, in order to go back, she needs to press the TV button, change the input back to input 0, then press U-verse button. I'd remember how to do this, but she'd have trouble remembering this each time.


Is there anyway the DVD button can both turn on the DVD and go to input 1? Alternately, is there a way to simplify the process for her?

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Re: Simpler way to use a DVD player?

No unfortunately there isn't with the Uverse remote.  You might consider buying her a Harmony remote.  You can program one button to do several tasks with one push.

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Simpler way to use a DVD player?

Matildarose - Yes, the answer to your request is a Logitech Harmony remote. But, not the least expensive ones.

What you need is an activity based remote - one the you can program a button to "watch TV" and another button to "Watch DVD". So, you need at least two activities.

The U-verse remote supports one activity - "watch TV" , as does the Logitech Harmony model 200 & 300. Do not get these models.

I know models 650/700 & other more expensive models support multiple activities. Radio Shack now has a model 600 for $30. It should do what you need, but verify.

Go here to check that your devices are supported -

Then explore the web site for descriptions of the remotes.

When you program the two activities it will send multiple commands to do the steps you describe to start each activity. So if you are watching TV and want to watch DVD, you press off and every TV thing shuts down. Then press DVD to start everything for DVD.starts up.

Since it is sending multiple commands you need to keep it pointed while it does the whole sequence. If it fails you press help & it does a step at a time.

Let me know if you think of any questions.

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Re: Simpler way to use a DVD player?

Thanks! This'll make for a great Christmas present for her, actually.
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