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Remote code for Sony Blu-Ray BDP-S270 ??


Remote code for Sony Blu-Ray BDP-S270 ??

I've tried the listed remote codes without success. Does anyone have the uverse standard black remote code for the Sony Blu-Ray BDP-S270 that works?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Remote code for Sony Blu-Ray BDP-S270 ??

Hello @tanoury , thanks for your post. Please visit U-verse Easy Find remote control setup and click on the 

U-verse Easy Find remote control setup hyperlink.  You should be able to find the remote code there. Smiley Happy

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Re: Remote code for Sony Blu-Ray BDP-S270 ??

Finally, remote code 2484 works on the standard black u-verse remote to control the sony blu-ray player BDP-S270


I hope this helps someone!



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