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Remote Control Question for User "aviewer"


Remote Control Question for User "aviewer"

Good afternoon, aviewer!


Based on several posts you've made to the forums, I'm about to purchase a Logitech remote to replace the standard U-verse remote.  I have the U-verse Cisco DVR, a Samsung HD TV, a Sony DVD player and Bose Cinemate II speakers.  The DVR connects to the TV using port HDMI 1 and the DVD player connects to HDMI 2.  The digital audio output jack from the TV is connected to the Bose speakers.


When we watch TV, sometimes we use the speakers built-in to the TV and sometimes we use the Bose speakers.  When we use the Bose speakers, I turn off the TV speakers using the TV's menu system (and the TV remote).  This is a hassle and a half, but I believe the Logitech remote will automate this process for me.


I know I can set up both of the above scenarios using separate activities in the Logitech remote, and I can also set up a third activity for "Watching a movie".  We always use the Bose speakers when watching a DVD movie.


My question is this:  When I choose an activity that includes the Bose speakers, will the remote "tell" the TV to turn off the TV speakers or will I have to set this up manually?  And when I want to watch something using the TV speakers, will the remote automatically turn them back on?



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Re: Remote Control Question for User "aviewer"

I may not be aviewer but I can possibly help make your setup better than it currently is.


Dp you happen to have the part number for the Bose speakers? The reason I ask is because some TVs are notorious for retransmitting only stereo sound from sources other than over the air television. 


If it's possible I would suggest that you connect your DVR and DVD player directly into the Bose Speakers (via optical or Coaxial digital audo) as well as into the TV via HDMI. If you do it this way you can have both the TV and the DVD player transmit sound through both the TV or the Bose Speakers whenever you please.


If you choose to keep your current setup, most higer end harmony remotes allow for you to create program "functions" when you start an activity(ie. press these buttons in this order so I don't have to). So if you set want to keep your current setup the way it is you can make a function that will turn on and off the Bose speakers when desired. 

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Re: Remote Control Question for User "aviewer"

Thanks for your response, americangame!

I'll have to do some research to find the part number for the Bose speakers. I do know that they are called "Bose Cinemate Series II".

Unfortunately, the speakers have only one input jack. Thus, I can't connect both the DVD player and the DVR to the speakers at the same time. This is why I have both boxes connected to the TV using HDMI cables and the digital audio output from the TV connected to the speakers.

And I should have mentioned this earlier...I'm looking at the Harmony 650, mainly because it's on sale right now at Best Buy for $61. I don't mind paying that much for a remote which will make life easier for my technically challenged wife!

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Re: Remote Control Question for User "aviewer"

You can do everything I said with the 650 so you should be good to go.  If I find time I'll try and post instructions on how to do this using the myharmony.com interface.

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Re: Remote Control Question for User "aviewer"

Many thanks for taking the time to help!

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Remote Control Question for User "aviewer"

mjs2837 - You are the "poster child" for this situation. It is what I think about and touch on on every time someone has trouble with HT and the U-verse remote, Thanks for giving me a reason for a fuller explanation. ( I do not usually  go too far on the first post because the response usually is not wanting to spend any money.)


You should be able to accomplish what you want to do with any Logitech Harmony above (not including) model 300. You will program three activities. As you introduce each device in an activity you will specify make/model to program.


Watch U-verse - Set the following startup sequence - 

Turn on TV

set input to HDMI1

turn on speakers (not toggle)

Turn on STB


Watch U-verse with Bose - Repeat above, wuth turn off speakers, add -

Turn on Bose


Watch DVD - repeat above, but HDMI2 instead of HDMI1add -

Turn on DVD (Maybe do not need this if you want to turn on by inserting disc).


I may not have every detail right & you will definitly find something you want to change. Just go back to the wizard & change it.


Remember it takes time to send all these IR messages. Keep the remote pointed at the devices. 


To take full advantage of this automation you need to push the power down button & then the new activity to change activities. Of course, you can switch to device mode to change any function on any individual devices at any time.


In fact after you program the activities, go to each device and see how the buttons are mapped. Scroll any function to see what IR is available. You will find some commands that there is not a button (e,g, Most TV remotes change inputs by going through a menu, but the direct, HDMI1 etc, has an IR signal.


That is like your speaker control. I think navigating a menu is too much for the auto process. You need a direct function. Not just a toggle, but specifically on or off.


I think you are going to need specific function - speakers on and speakers off (not a toggle) to control the TV speakers. You will want to autosend an on for without Bose & an off for with Bose. A toggle can not solve this and I believe you cannot program a sequence on the turn off button.


You can only find this by doing it. If you cannot find a specific command call Logitech, They may come up with one. If it is an insurmountable problem you will need to return the remote.


Maybe call Logitech before you buy & ask if the CSR to look up the functions for your TV to see if it has a spekers on and a speakers off ITR signal. Perhaps he would send you the whole list in an e-mail.


Just take it a step at time. You will learn a lot. If you have any questions post here. If you have any problems Logitech can help.


Good Luck. I think you wil like the result. Sorry for rambling so much. It is more complicated than anyone imagines. You can only get there by doing & the IR for each TV is different.


Just had another thought - If you cannot get a speaker on/off that works automatically on the TV, you can program any button under the activity to be TV mute. So, while it would take a manual button push, it would be only one push, not a menu navigation.

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Re: Remote Control Question for User "aviewer"

mjs2837 - Just reading americangame's suggestion on the speaker connection.

Here is something odd for you to try - The STB has two audio/video outputs that are bridged together. If you plug the DVD player audio into one of them and the bose into the other, the bose gets the sound from either/both. You cannot do this with the video.

This leads to a partial solution on stopping TV sound. If you always watch DVD with the bose, do not connect the STB audio to the TV. No connection - no sound.

This is an example of working on it leads to something not previously considered.
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Re: Remote Control Question for User "aviewer"

Wow! That's a lot of information to digest! But it sounds like it might just work.

I will call Logitech as you suggested to see if there is a direct signal command to turn the speakers on and off.

Of course, I'll post again as need be. Perhaps what I learn will be helpful to others!

Many thanks!

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