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Program Only Certain buttons


Program Only Certain buttons

I'm trying to program my basic S10-S3 remote to have the TV/VIDEO button to control the TV instead of the command going dirrectly to the AT&T box. Its default setting is to control the AT&T box rather than the TV. I know you can press the TV button and then the TV/VIDEO button to change the input of the TV, but my family doesnt understand the concept, so i just rather program that button to comand the TV on default.


So can this be done? and how?

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Re: Program Only Certain buttons

To my knowledge no, the remote is a generic universe remote, has to be on ATT to control uverse receiver, if desire to control another device, such as TV, have to depress TV button first then limited functions such as menu button and tv/video.

It may be best just to leave always on ATT (as many do not remember to depress ATT when wanting to go back to Uverse receiver functions). Have family members simple learn to use TV remote to change TV functions such as input (source) feeds.

I know right,such a simple solution, Uverse remote for Uverse, TV remote for TV, DVD remote for DVD. Requires 3 remotes but simple concept right tool for right job.

Or one remote to rule them all.....a harmony logitech remote.

Merry Christmas to all.....
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Re: Program Only Certain buttons

venemouscobra - Universal remotes are not the cure all that the makers would like you to think. The hard decision of exactly what to do must always be made. Whether it is TV - tv/video - att on one remote or tv/video on a different remote seems like the easy part.

I agree, since the tv/video button has no use on the STB it would have been a boon if it were able to control the TV while in the att mode. This is another indication that usability was not done on the u-verse user interface. Since the remote is a physical device, it is unlikely that this deficiency could be corrected at this point.

One company that goes the farthest to handle this situation is Logitech. The Harmony line of remotes has activities that are programmed to automatically select the correct input for the activity. That is watch u-verse would turn on the STB & TV & set the input correctly, automatically, in sequence. To watch a blue-ray would turn on the TV & blue ray & select that input.

Also, each button can be custom programmed in any activity for any device. So, you can do exactly what you are asking for on a Logitech Harmony. That is how I programmed my model 700.

Even this is not without problems. If the IR steps do not all execute, the remote is out of sequence with the devices, The correction for this is to push a help button & the remote steps through individual button pushes to coach you to get back in sequence.

Unfortunately, the Logitech remotes are on the expensive side.
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Re: Program Only Certain buttons

@venemouscobra- Here is another remote that apparently has the support and flexibility of programming that you need. It is much less expensive than the Logitech.



Actually, I misposted on my Logitech 700 TV/Video button. I did not program a TV video button. I did something better - there are IR signals for direct  selection of inputs. I have HDMI1 and HDMI2 on the LED screen for one button toggle of inputs - no navigating a menu. These two labels could just as easy be uvrs & bluray - or any meaningful label that is reasonably short.


You can probably do the same for two buttons on the RCA remote, but, since it does not have a programmable screen, the buttons will be more obscure.

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