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How to unmute my STB?

How to unmute my STB?

I have the sliver remote control. Some times when I press the INFO key on the remote, it mutes the STB and I see a speaker icon with a cross over it pops up on the screen. The MUTE key on the remote only mutes/unmutes the TV.


I have a Panasonic 58" plasma TV and I read those threads about the automatic TV brightness control feature might interfere with the remote control's IR operation. However, once the problem happens, is there a way to bring the STB out of mute mode without restarting it? I checked everything under the Options setting and didn't see any option to mute/unmute the STB. Is this a hidden feature?

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: How to unmute my STB?

Here are instructions to unmute the Uverse box and get the TV control volume working again:

To control the speaker volume of the motorola box itself:
1) Press and hold the AT&T button on the remote
2) Press the "OK" button and release it and the AT&T key at the same time.  All the universal lights will flash twice.
3) Type 955.  The AT&T key will flash twice
4) Press "Enter"

Now you can turn your motorola box all the way up. Once you get it set how you want, we need to set the remote back to control the TV volume instead of the motorola box.  To do that:
1) Press and hold the AT&T button on the remote
2) Press the "OK" button and release it and the AT&T key at the same time.  All the universal lights will flash twice.
3) Type 955.  The AT&T key will flash twice
4) Press "TV".  The TV light will flash twice

All of this is assuming that the TV button on your remote is already programmed to control your TV.  

If it is not, you will need to find the code for your TV and program the TV button first.


Good luck, I've had the same thing happen 3-4 times over my more than 2 1/2 year Uverse experience. Smiley Wink



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Re: How to unmute my STB?

Maybe you might want to try to prevent it from muting. I too have a 50" panasonic & the DVR remote works very poorly. I say you need to shield the IR receiver & it works better.


It was very poor on jump back & digits 0 & 1. Sometimes it would bring up the recorded TV when I pushed the jump back  button. Also, it would not see 0 or 1. Both are critical HD digits.


The other day, I thought I would try shielding the IR receiver with a cardboard tube (e.g toilet paper tube). Attach the tube coming out from the receiver pointed at the viewer.  When I did that the response is way better as long as I do not point the remote directly at the tube.


It reads 0 1 and jump back on the first push and I get the result I am expecting.


Try it and let me know if it works for you.


Another thought, if the mute problem occurs often, you can leave it to control volume on the STB  & leave the TV sound fixed. Then if you get an undesired mute it takes onlyy ome button push to restore the sound.


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Re: How to unmute my STB?


Thank you very much. Setting the remote to AT&T and then set it back to TV fixes my problem.


I read quite a few posts regarding the "sluggish" performance of the remote. I checked my Panasonic TV settings and couldn't find anything that might seem to interfere with the IR operation. The only thing that looks close to all you guys were talking about is this feature called C.A.T.S., which adjusts the color according to the ambient temperature. However, the feature is disabled by default. If any of you have Panasonic plasima TV, please let me know what feature I need to "turn off" to make the remote work better.


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Re: How to unmute my STB?

There are cases where the problem can be resolved by turning off a feature. The Panasonic is not one of them.


Other people talk of the possibility of flourescent lights. This could be, but I do not have any flourescent lights. 


I have had three DVRs. The first one was trouble initially, but it went away. The second one was no trouble at all. This third one started poor & seems to be getting worse. Same panasonic TV, same room, same remote.


The only thing that makes a difference is shielding the IR transmitter - hiding the DVR or aiming it sideways. It works best just before it doesn'y work at all.


It is only the DVR. I tried amother STB & had no problem. But, I want to have the live repeat feature. Whne phase 3 comes I will try a regular STB again.

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Re: How to unmute my STB?

go to menu,


troubleshoot and resolve,

no sound,

let it run for a few minutes and then let it reset the volume


worked for me Smiley Happy hope it helps!

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Re: How to unmute my STB?

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