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How do I program my remote?


How do I program my remote?

I just got a new TV and wanted to find out how to program it with my Uverse Remote?

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Re: How do I program my remote?

Have you tried to steps provided in this link?

Programming the U-verse Black Remote

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Re: How do I program my remote?

Programming the U-verse Black Remote

Version 8




BlackRemote.png  U-verse Black Standard Remote Programming Steps


Important Note

If the programming is interrupted or inactive for more than 30 seconds, the mode keys will flash eight times. This indicates the remote has left the programming mode and returned to normal operation without saving any changes.


To use the U-verse TV Black standard remote control with your TV, DVD or auxiliary equipment, you'll need to program one or more of the equipment buttons (TV, DVD or AUX) at the top of the remote control, as follows:

    1. Turn on the device to be programmed and aim the remote at it.
    2. Press and hold the desired Mode key or or to be programmed.
      • Without releasing the mode key, press and hold the   ENTER button, then release the keys.
      • Press the SCAN\FF button  repeatedly until the device turns off – wait briefly between presses. The Mode button will blink to indicate presses.
      • When a valid code has been reached, the device will turn off.
      • If the equipment does not turn off, and the selected mode button flashes 8 times, please start over at Step 1 above.
    3. Press the POWER button on the remote to turn the equipment back on.
      • If the equipment does not turn on, you may have pressed the SCAN\FF button too many times.
      • Press the REW\SCAN button and test the POWER button again.
      • Continue pressing REW\SCAN followed by POWER until the device turns on.
    4. Check additional buttons (MUTE, VOLUME, PAUSE, PLAY, etc) for the device being programmed.
    5. Once the buttons are functioning, press the ENTER key to save the programming. The appropriate mode key will give a long flash indicating successful programming.
      • If there is a problem with any of the buttons, press the SCAN\FF button once, then re-test the function. Repeat until the function works. Then retest that POWER still turns the device OFF/ON.









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Re: How do I program my remote?

For the Black AT&T Universal Remote Control, this is how to do an automatic search on the correct TV code.

1. Press and hold the TV button.

2. While holding down the TV button, press and hold the Enter button

3. Release both buttons at the same time. (the 4 mode buttons at the top should flash twice. If they don't, repeat the procedure.)

4. Repeatedly press the fast-forward button (FF) until the TV turns off.

5. If the TV turned off, turn it back on by pressing the power button. (If the TV doesn't turn back on, you may have pressed the FF button too many times. You can try going back to the correct code by pressing the rewind button (REW) and try turning the TV back on through the Power button.

6. If the TV turned on, press Enter to finalize the programming.

After the above procedures, do not forget to press (and, maybe, hold) the AT&T button on the remote control so that it will control the box and not just the TV.

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Re: How do I program my remote?

Learn about options for programming your remote using this helpful video.

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