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How do I get the Uverse remote to turn the STB AND the TV off?

How do I get the Uverse remote to turn the STB AND the TV off?

Power button turns tv signal off but continue to get uverse screen saver.  Want to turn tv screen totally off to black.  Have tried entering 977 code but that seems to have no effect.  

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Re: Uverse power control

@Johnfromva - You cannot turn off the STB. It always  displays the press OK screen when not "on".


You do not want to turn the TV off? To turn off both the STB  TV with one power button - att/ok-977-att-tv-enter


If you do not want to turn the TV off change the input to an unused connection.. You may or may not be able to use the menu button or TV/video button after pressing the TV buttton to change input.

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Re: Uverse power control

Thanks aviewer.  


I want to turn the stb and the tv off with one button.   The tv though stays on and I continue to get the uverse screen saver.   


Tried your 977 sequence but did not seem to work.  


Am able to program this done on two other TV sets in the house.  It's just one Sony that I can't seem to turn off the tv and get rid of the screen saver.     



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Re: Uverse power control

Another thing, when I program the remote for the tv (by sweeping through different codes) the tv does actually shut off.   When I hit the att button and then try the on/off button is when I get just the screen saver.  Hitting the tv button does nothing.  

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‎12-28-2015 11:42 AM

Re: Uverse power control

@Johnfromva - The original remote has different mode bottons that may allow control of those devices & when the TV is programmed it is automatically in the power list.


The newer remote steps back from claiming to be a Universal remote & has no addirional mode butttons. The TV & sound bar association is for programming purposes only, not  control of the device.


The TV is not automatically added to the power list. You have to do it - http://www.att.com/esupport/u-verse/remotes/


When turning on the STB/TV using new remote, if the STB does not become active & the TV does, just press the OK button as the screen says .


If the TV does not become active (even though it is in the power list) press the power button again, followed by the OK button.


If the TV is not in the power list, the u-verse remote cannot turn it on. You must use the TV remote or a universal remote.

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Re: Uverse power control

I went back and ran the setup throu the help screen based on my rc model (s10s3).  Now get both devices to turn off/on at the same time.   Not sure why but appreciate all the help.  

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Re: Uverse power control

@Johnfromva - Glad to hear you are back in business. Thanks for following up.

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