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HORRIBLE customer service after 25 years!

HORRIBLE customer service after 25 years!

I have been with AT&T for at least 25 years. I moved over the weekend. My service was to be connected at my new home today. I took off from work. Time slot for service was 0900-1100. Nobody came. Called AT&T to find out why. Was told "we are experiencing high amount of service requests. Your appointment was bumped to June 4th." REALLY, June 4th!!!!!! I can see one day, but NOT two weeks! I told them I work from home part time and need my service. The best they could do was May 30th!! I took time off today from a NEW JOB (same company, new position). Has to call and ask for another day off for this! Needless to say....they are not happy with me! I find this treatment inexcusable! I was on the phone with them for 2 hours trying to straighten this out! All the kept saying was....I am sorry, and I understand....NO, you DON'T understand!

NOW, I call to get my digital life moved. I am NOT under contract and have loyalty privileges (or so I thought!). I am told it will be ANOTHER $350 AND A CREDIT CHECK!!!!! I need to sign a two year contract (I have had them for yearssssss which is why I don't have one anymore). I am told there is NOTHING ANYBODY can do. It is company policy!

My husband passed away in December. I am selling my home and had to move. I moved into an apartment and am unsure if I will stay there after one year, so I can't sign a 2 year deal. I have been a faithful customer of AT&T's for >25 years.....and this is how I get paid back!

BOY,  AM I GLAD I BELONG TO THE CUSTOMER LOYALTY PROGRAM!! I hate to see how they treat new customers!!

Needless to say, the universe is telling me it is time to leave AT&T.....because there IS NOTHING anybody can do for me (As I was told today by many people!).

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Re: HORRIBLE customer service after 25 years!

Hey @tenchbunch,


This is not the experience any member of the AT&T family deserves, especially one of 25 years! Please allow us to see what we can do to help! Since this is account specific, we'll have to continue this conversation in a Private Message (PM). Check your forums inbox by clicking the envelope at the top of the page, look for a message from ATTCARES, and respond with the requested information.

We look forward to assisting further!

Rury, AT&T Community Specialist

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