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In November I called and stated I was having problems with the TV. The tech ran a test on there end. He stated he would send someone to the house. So the guys comes out. Doesn’t touch anything. The TV is not acting at this point. We talk about TV and Internet. He stated nothing wrong so he will charge me. I explained about the tech he ran a test. He said not reliable.

So a couple weeks later I was having the same problem. They ran same test determined that I need a new box. About week or so replaced the box. Problem solved. Well this month I look at my bill.They charged a trip charge. Trying to get someone on the phone to explain. No luck. They I had a superior tell me the first charge was for internet. Since it was working fine they would be a trip charge. The second trip since the bix was replaced no charge.

I have questions about this. If a tech comes to the house is it gated for internet or TV? Why would it not be a general service call to determine what is wrong.  I asked them to pull the tape to hear the conversation. He stated could not do that and the charge was Valid.


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Re: Complaint

First off, when you call customer service, you don't get a 'tech'.  Unless they transferred you to 'technical  support', you were talking to a CS rep.


Did a tech BRING you a new receiver (set top box) or gateway (modem)?  If so, that is a billable trip.  Normally replacement equipment (RG/DVR/STB) is sent to the customer for a self-install.


"If a tech comes to the house is it gated for internet or TV?"  I don't quite understand this question.  You have ONE gateway or modem that services both TV and internet.

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Re: Complaint

I ok I called about the tv freezing and dropping signal. The CS agent ran a test and he sysyed he would need to send someone out.  Ok fine. The guy comes out and doesn’t touch anything looks around we talk about TV and internet. He stated nothing wrong and he would charge me. I ask about CS agent ran a test. He said not reliable. 

So with a couple of weeks it was still happing. So I called again, spoke to another agent and I asked for a supervisor. An Australian sup came on the phone and he ran the same type of test. But this time I had to do different things to the box at home. So he determined that I need a new bos. So a couple days latter agent and came out and installed the new box. 

I have talked to various agents with your company and everyone says it is a valid charge. I had one sup tell me that the first came out was for the internet, the second was for the TV. I am a consumer when I call for an issue I don’t determine where it is internet or Tv.

if AT&T sent me need an agent and he comes out  and states nothing is wrong, is this a way that AT&T can make a lot of money. If the original agent ran the rest are we supposed to always ask for a second opinion? We can charge me and I have to pay it? Sounds like a scam to me.





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