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Cinemate 2


Cinemate 2

Just picked up a Bose Cinemate  2 and have it installed on my tv.  Works great but cannot get Uverse remote to control off/on and sound control.  I used code 4000 suggested in this forum but that doesn't work.  Any ideas?

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Re: Cinemate 2

gmsuv - Even if you get a code to work, the U-verse remote is not very friendly on the HT front. Do you plan to use it always or sometimes?

You can have the three devices powered on/off in sequence. Or, you can leave the Bose off the power string & do it by itself by pressing the Aux button.

The Volume is either one of the devices - always. Or, it follows the mode button. You may want to consider controlling the STB volume.

Are there any other devices, such as a DVD player in the mix?

You need a Logitech Harmony remote. Especially if the Bose is used sometimes. You can have an activity - Watch TV & anther activity Watch TV with Bose sound.

Watch TV turns on STB/TV, sets TV input. Volume button controls TV.

Watch TV with Bose sound turns on STB/TV, Bose, sets Tv input, mutes TV. Volume button controls Bose.

I have recommended to many people that were unable to find codes to support their devices with the U-verse remote that they get a Logitech Harmony remote.
Many of those people feel they do not want to, or should not have to, spend their own money for a remote.
Others, have a very complex setup and are willing to spend their money to maximize their viewing experience.

The U-verse remote is effective for some subset of basic control functions on the most popular equipment, The Harmony provides full control of complex setups across a broader range of equipment.

Until sometime in 2011 the Harmony only offered expensive models (over $100). In 2011 they introduced the model 300 ($30) followed by the model 200 ($20). These only support one activity (Not many for a Harmony, but same as U-verse) - Watch TV.
This writeup shows that, even though the basic descriptions sound the same, there are functional advantages to the Harmony. The question is - Is it worth spending $$ for the Harmony.

Basic Similarity (Logitech Harmony Model 300 vs. U-verse remote) -
Both can control four devices (STB, TV, DVD, Aux) under one activity - Watch TV.

Logitech Harmony Model 300 advantages -
Must be able to do something no other remote can do to convince you to spend $30 to buy it so Logitech can make a profit.
Monster library of supported devices built on budget for expensive remotes (amazing how libraries grow over the years).

You can predetermine support of make & model via web site (

Since device support is defined in detail, a Logitech customer service rep (CSR) can help with any problems. When anything new comes out it can be added to your existing remote via download.
To program - Enter device make model in computer  based wizard. When device is supported, all functions are supported. IR signals can be learned from device remote.
IR/function/button  map - You can map any button to any function. You can pick buttons based on your preference, instead of someone else's. Logitech can add any new IR code format to function mapping via download. CSR can download changes that affect only you,
Watch TV button - Turns on/off programmed devices. Sets correct input. Ability to sequence devices and introduce delay between devices.
Change from Watch TV mode to individual device control with one button push and vice-versa. Same volume/mute buttons will affect different devices (STB, TV, HT) depending on device selected and the one user selected for the Watch TV activity. Note that the U-verse phantom mute can be un-muted with four logical button pushes - device mode, STB, mute, return to watch TV mode.
Able to buy more advanced remotes for more money - Each step up adds more devices, more activities(e.g. Watch OTA, Watch DVD, Watch TV with HT sound), more display (LCD screen) of functions & recharge-ablity .

Multiple activities appears to be a concept unique to the Logitech Harmony. It allows the same buttons to be programmed to different sets of inputs/functions/devices based on what the viewer is watching (i.e. an activity). The button map is unique to the activity. It can be as similar or different between activities/devices as you need it to be. Each activity has its own start up sequence to power up the selected devices & set inputs needed for continuity. It is especially valuable for complex setups and/or people with only basic knowledge of the operation of the remote.

U-verse remote limitations -
U-verse  remote is provided free to watch U-verse TV. Support for some functions on some other devices is included so that it can be called "universal". But there is no business driver to spend money to assure full support of all functions on all possible devices .
Limited library of supported devices. Vague lists by type/mfgr. No model detail. No definitive/comprehensive list of codes. No "not supported" statement. If support is not accomplished, there is no way to find out if it should be supported until you find that the remote works for you. Since device support is not defined in detail, customer service rep cannot help with problems.
To program- Enter an arbitrary code that may be difficult (or impossible) to determine or step through every possible entry using the search method. Possibly finding some partially supported sets along the way.  No IR learning.
IR/function/button  map - Button/IR map cannot change (need new physical remote). IR/function map can only change if U-verse globally changes STB software. No ability to provide individual tuning.
Watch TV (ATT/power) -  Turns on/off programmed devices. Does not set input. No ability to sequence devices or introduce delay.
Default mode of operation is Watch TV (Channel change on STB, Volume on TV, Power up STB/TV). To vary operation requires reprogramming with more arbitrary codes applied to individual functions. No clear distinction between Watch TV and individual device control (i.e. It is difficult to change operation between Watch TV and controlling individual devices by programming with codes.)

To clear phantom mute - att/ok - 955 - att - enter - mute - att/ok - 955 - tv - enter. 12 button pushes, where two are two finger. If you can remember how to do it.
Point anywhere remote is the only extra cost upgrade - provides RF (with STB pairing) and learning IR.


*The views and opinions expressed on this forum are purely my own. Any product claim, statistic, quote, or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider, or party.
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Re: Cinemate 2

@aviewer, I see that you give this advice a lot.  While I agree for the most part, you need to be aware that Logitech's device database sets up the Harmony remote wrong.  When working in Activities (rather than Devices), it maps the OK button on the remote to the Enter function rather than OK.  I'm sure you can see, this makes the Harmony pretty useless, until you reassign the function for that button.  And Logitech's user forum is particularly unhelpful in solving this; it took me several hours to solve.


But the one huge advantage you don't mention is that the Harmony supports sequences of up to five commands with a single button press.  So with a Harmony, you can bring up your favorites list with a single button.

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Re: Cinemate 2

So the Logitech sets up the Ok button wrong. You can go in and fix that, by changing the layout of what buttons do what. I had to do that with my Harmony 300.

So no, it does not make the Harmony useless. In you mention that you have a Harmony 1 remote, which is no longer manufactured. As for the Harmony supporting up to five commands with a single button, that depends on the model, and also in which mode the remote is in, what commands it does (TV, Cable/Sat, DVD, VCR/Aux).
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Re: Cinemate 2

mdonehoo = Yes, I do recommend the Harmony a lot because it solves the specific problem in the OP. I think adding an HT requires more complexity than adding a DVD & is a real challenge to the U-verse remote.

I am well aware that the Harmony is not perfect, but that windmill is not on my horizon. My biggest complaint is the programming is backwards - You program activities and then devices. I think it is more logical to program devices, then combine them into activities. But, I have gotten used to the way they designed it.

I do not remember having a problem with the OK button. I did have a problem with another button. But, it was easily made to work correctly. I think it is way more likely to make changes for individual preferences than to "fix" a problem. The important part is that changes are not only possible, they are easy to do.

When I first started recommending it, the big issue was - What remote works with the U-verse IR code and missing device support on the U-verse remote. This evolved to the more complex Home Theater application. The biggest complaint is people do not want to spend any money.

Yes, I only addressed the multiple command ability on start up. Even with that I am concerned that people will not keep the remote pointed long enough to complete the sequence.

I like your idea of using it to solve the favorites problem. I think I will do that.

That points out the value of the forum - You gave me a solution to a problem that bothered me. And, the value of the Harmony - I can do it & do it easily.

So, thanks for posting. If you have more ideas, please post. Now, what button am I going to use? got it - the guide button.
*The views and opinions expressed on this forum are purely my own. Any product claim, statistic, quote, or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider, or party.
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Re: Cinemate 2

Greg - yes, it can be fixed, but not many average users would know that, let alone how.  All one would know is that it didn't work.  Besides which, who would expect Logitech to have made such a basic mistake?  So, for most users, I stand by my assessment; it doesn't work, they can't fix it -- useless.

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Re: Cinemate 2

You would be surprised at what the average knows, or can learn on their own. This is not some secret Agent 99 stuff, it is actually easier than you think, in setting up the Harmony remotes.
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Re: Cinemate 2

Well I took your advice and invested in a Logitech Harmony 300 to control STB, TV, Bluray, and the Cinemate.  Absolutely no problems programming the device.  All functions of all equipment work perfectly.  Thanks for the advice and I'm sorry if I questioned you before on this issue.  Now just one remote.   Thanksagain.

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Re: Cinemate 2

gmsuv - Thanks for closing the loop. It took a lot for me to go for the Harmony way back when.

I think everyone thinks of it as just another remote. Not familiar with how comprehensive it is. That is why I made the write-up.

You will really appreciate it when you run across some change you would like to do & you just do it. instead of sitting in frustration.

As I posted in a previous string there is a large button right in the middle that is not auto assigned. I use the up button for FF and the down for skip back. The play is a nice big button below the arrows/OK.

I use the standard U-verse remote when the batteries on the 300 are charging & the DVR buttons are not that friendly.

I discovered that the OK button works the same as the play button without the drop back. Easier to use than the standard play button.
*The views and opinions expressed on this forum are purely my own. Any product claim, statistic, quote, or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider, or party.
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