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ATT risk management bill to me

ATT risk management bill to me

Sometime in early August our uverse connection just died completely. I called ATT, they sent a tech out and fixed the problem. He said there was a cut line.

About 2 months laters, I get a bill from ATT Risk management saying I cut the line when landscaping and I owed them $603 for the damage.

Well, I know I haven't done any landscaping, but my neighbor has replaced our adjoining fence and also put in a pool during that time. I don't really remember if they were working on the fence or the pool (I think fence) when we lost service.

So, I'm curious, do I have any options? The line was likely on my property (although they couldn't send me a picture of actual damage, only a picture of the area (my backyard) and a hole they dug with nothing in it (no damaged line).

I'm obviously not excited about paying $600. Also, obviously, I will not continue business with them if they continue with the demand for payment. (10 years or so of current service time at an average of $150/month = a lot more than the $600 they are trying to collect)

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Re: ATT risk management bill to me

Your talking about the drop wire... 

The wire from the pole or terminal to your residence, a cut drop is a billable charge. 


ATT did not cut it, but someone did. 

ATT sent a tech to fix who likely placed an order with a contractor to bury a new line as original line was damaged. This has expenses in both the tech dispatched and contracror who charged ATT. 


As the tech or company cannot bill the neighbor or neighbors contractor who cut the line they bill the account holder.  


The question is did the neighbors or their contractor call to have buried lines located before digging. If lines not located and lines cut someone is being billed.


Options from my POV,  contact the neighor and ask them to pay either directly,  their contractor, or their homeowners policy.  Similar you could inquire with your agency about neughbor action damaging your property reaulting in expense to you.  Example, neighbors trimming tree, a limb falls and damages your car or home. You need the damage repaired and make arrangements.  Work completed and now billed...  Should the company that performed the repairs not be compensated.  Of course they should,  the question is whos paying.  Your property,  your billed. 

*I am an AT&T employee, and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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Re: ATT risk management bill to me

Thanks for the input. I appreciate the insights.

From my standpoint though, the bill is "out of the blue".

I'll just pay the bill and cancel the service (I have service provider choices). I won't come out ahead AND ATT will lose a customer. Lose-lose



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Re: ATT risk management bill to me

Same case sinerio here, tech said a neighbor 3 houses down cut the cable and they sent me the bill. Any case my wife is not a happy camper and now im getting the lecture of useless spending on an off note. In any case they know who damaged the line why cant they send them the bill.And apparently we werent the only ones affected do i just get the bill because i was the first to report the problem guess their theory is first one who smelt it delt it

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Re: ATT risk management bill to me

I am also quite upset with ATT.  In March 2018 a technician came into my home to replace the internet cable, in doing so he broke my TV and since then I have been calling, providing the requested information and being sent from one department to another.  It is like playing dodge ball and my ball is not seeming to get to the right person/department.  At one point I was assigned a case manager who is as useless and clueless about resolving this matter.


When reaching their risk management team they referred her to call me.  She did but she was very rude by attempting to place her lack of professionalism on me.  I again provide her with more information.  It has been over a month since this was done.  I have emailed her no response.  Called her no response.


I tried calling ATT Risk Management again who transferred me to their assessment division Sedgwick.  Needless to say the matter is still outstanding with no clue as to when this will be resolved.   

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Re: ATT risk management bill to me

 same thing here

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