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AT&T's Bad Service


AT&T's Bad Service

Why is AT&T awful at providing service?


I recently moved to a new home and was happy to switch to AT&T from Comcast. I called a week ahead to schedule a time for a technician to come to the new home. I make the switch in part because I'm promised (1) the house, which they have access to, has the appropriate wires and (2) that they can come out on the Friday of our move. When they actually schedule the move, it turns out that I was lied to and the earliest they could come out was the following Wednesday (Lie 1).  When the technician arrives that Wednesday, he discovers the house isn't appropriately wired (Lie 2). We are told this can be resolved within the day after a second technician arrives. Unclear if that second technician ever arrived but the problem was not resolved that day (Lie 3). We are forced to reschedule another technician. When rescheduling we were told the earliest they could come out was Dec. 20, a full 1 month after my initial call and after AT&T's initial lies. We argue and get an earlier date, Dec 10 more than week from the "earliest" time we were initially told (Lie 4). We are told the 2nd/3rd technician would arrive at the house between 9 and 11, they have yet to arrive and it's 2pm (Lie 5). I took a half day off work to be at home to address the situation and lost money because I had to wait for this 2nd/3rd technician and not go to work.  Not to mention that combined my wife and I have been on hold with AT&T for dozens of hours wasting our time and just being lied to. 


I have less than 3 weeks of experience with AT&T and my experience has been filled with lies and an inability to perform the services I would like to pay for. This has been very frustrating. But more than that, the lies have been inexcusable and frankly seem institutionalized. I have talked to so many different people and been lied to by enough of them, that the only logical assumption is that AT&T trains its employees to lie.


Please if you're reading this, pay more for cable with Comcast, they treat their customers better. 

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Re: AT&T's Bad Service

I do not understand why you will go through all of that.  After the first time I would have cancelled and gone with another cable provider.  You will get better service, faster internet and a lower price.

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