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U-verse TV Errors & Problems

U-verse TV Errors & Problems
The meanings behind error codes & more!

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For specific help wireless TV receivers, check out this post: How to troubleshoot your Wireless Receiver If you are having issues with: Receiver resets Loss of recordings Pixilation Freezing Or any of these error messages above, check out our steps below to resolve your U-verse TV service: Rebooting the receiver is the quickest way to resolve most service issues: Press... read more
There Is An App For That! Having trouble with your service? You can troubleshoot with the app, just text myATT to 8758 to receive a link to download it. The app allows you to troubleshoot in the palm of your hand, quickly and easily! You can even setup a technician appointment! Use Your Remote! You can use your TV! Press the Menu button on the remote. Select Help then... read more
If you have just started having trouble or service has been acting up for some time, check out some troubleshooting steps below. These steps below have been provided by the U-verse Community Manager and are the most common fixes based on their interactions with other forums members. The Fastest Fix – Sometimes A reset can be the easiest fixes for service loss and intermitten... read more
How To Quickly Check Status of an Outage Seconds Count! Using the myAT&T app helps you get things done faster, on your terms, so you can focus on what matters most! Not only can you check the status of an outage, you can troubleshoot without having to call in! Please know that if you are affected by an outage, our teams will work as quickly and efficiently as possible to re... read more
Quick Fix For The Wireless Receiver In most instances, resetting the modem, DVR, and wireless box, in that order, can resolve some connection issues. To reset the modem, press and hold the red reset button in the rear for 10 seconds. On the DVR and wireless receiver, press and hold the power button for 10 seconds. If that does not help, the steps below may. Check Your ... read more
Having trouble signing into U-verse online? Is the app crashing? Trouble with HBOGo/ESPN sign n? Check out the troubleshooting information above! -ATTU-verseCare
alfredenewman - The DELETE button is located at the bottom left on the remote.