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wireless TV and range extender


wireless TV and range extender

I had a fourth TV hooked up to uverse. I have had TV, internet and telephone for six months. The agent opted for a wireless receiver on the newly connected TV although there was no wireless signal in that part of the house (also part of the service call). Agent moved router and WAP upstairs. Agent had newly connected TV working when he left but now the error message is that I've lost the signal. I was already unhappy with wireless signal in the back part of the house - I had none. Bought a Netgear plug-in extender today and now happy with the wifi signal in the back of the house. My iMachines all have four bars and I have internet access with the extender where I had no signal in these areas before. The TV, however, still does not work. When I try to pair with the extender, it claims it can't find it. I paired again with the original WAP and it connects but then the signal disappears. Is there a trick to using the extender with the TV receiver when it works with all my other gear? Or should I have them hardwire the TV?

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Re: wireless TV and range extender

Wifi receiver only connects to WAP, either need WAP relocated or hardwire receiver. Reason I expect for choice to install wireless was save time (tech), money (yours). A new addition or relocation of an existing box normally is a $99 service call plus $55 for $154 versus the $49 for a wireless access point and receiver.
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Re: wireless TV and range extender

Many thanks. I still like the extender to get a signal all over the house for iThis and iThat. I'll see what I can work out with ATT customer service. Thanks.
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Re: wireless TV and range extender

I just set my TV up in my garage and the internet box is inside in one of the bedrooms I have everything set up the way it is suppose to be and its not picking up the wireless connetion. Is it due to the walls in between the garage and the bedroom?if so how can i fix this to have my TV working inside the garage?

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Re: wireless TV and range extender

any help in a timely matter would be greatfully appreciated 

thank you julie

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Re: wireless TV and range extender

@julienickvitale - How far from the RG - closer to the STB can you get a cat5 cable?

If you can get all the way - connect it direct to the STB.


When you power up the STB make sure the WAP is not powered & the STB will use the wired connection. is a good source of cat5 cable.

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