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unable to view live TV with DVR recording 3 HD shows

unable to view live TV with DVR recording 3 HD shows

New service customer here. Install was done three days ago. The tech was literally here all day. He ran Cat5e into rooms where it hadn't been before. Although the rep who initially canvassed our small development felt confident that we'd be on the 45MB track, it wasn't to be (supposed to be 18MB, but what I've seen has been close). Besides the fact that we have a 'gateway' (router/modem combo), as of this writing I am unaware of any of the finer details of our hardware setup.


The house has 5 boxes. They're not all the same. The one in my room is a Cisco IPN330HD. I was under the impression, perhaps mistakenly, that these Ciscos would handle four simultaneous recordings. 


When we had DirecTv I had to finagle Sunday night HBO and Showtime series to later broadcast times. With Cox' Contour's six-at-a-time it wasn't ever an issue, though it would always default to the first (e.g. 8PM) showing of an episode. 


Unless I'm again mistaken (it's been known to happen), it appears that I'm going to have to try and schedule Sunday night recordings for later broadcast times.

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Re: unable to view live TV with DVR recording 3 HD shows

Uverse provides a maximum of 4 streams at a time (vs. Cox 6).  Most customers get all of those in HD but some only get 3HD streams.  Check at Menu>Options>System Options>System Info>System Resources.  Under Streams, it will either read 0SD/4HD or 1SD/3HD.


If you have the 4HD profile, you CAN watch the 4th stream in HD but here's where it gets tricky.  The DVR can only handle 3HD streams, either recording or watching.  The 4th HD stream CAN be watched on a STB (Set Top Box) and NOT the TV with the DVR.  It is recommended that the DVR be attached to a lesser used TV and a STB on the most used TV so that you can avoid interruptions.


I have my DVR hooked up to the TV in the office (lesser used) and STBs in family room and bedroom.



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Re: unable to view live TV with DVR recording 3 HD shows

Chalk up yet another set of menus and sub-menus uncovered! The System resources here indicate we're on the 1 SD/3 HD (WAN) Stream set. Thanks for enlightening me, skeeterintexas.


Not that it's relevant here, but in a similar situation DirecTv's scheduling menu would trigger an alert window should there have been a conflict with another recorded program.


At least I was able to re-configure previous Sunday favorite series for later broadcast times. At first I tried to set up those future recording times by tweaking within their respective program folders. That didn't seem to work so I wound up having to cancel/delete them, searched for additional showings, and opted for first-run season selection.


Speaking of which, is it my naiveté or would there have been an easier way to re-schedule a program's season recordings?

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