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my wireless receiver will not connect


my wireless receiver will not connect

We usually can just restart and that fixes this problem. This time it keeps telling us access point not found. We have followed the steps and still says same thing. Please help. I have an upset 2 year old. Lol
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Re: my wireless receiver will not connect

What access point are you using(VEN401, VAP2500, or the VEN501)? Make sure that you wait about two minutes after powering it on. My VAP2500 takes at least 2 minutes to fully boot up. Do you know if it's in range? Are you sure all lights on your wireless access point are lit up?


Make sure your pressing the WPS button on the access point and not the gateway and that you're pressing the Ok button on your receiver.


Do you have two wireless receivers or just one? If you have two, is it just that one?


If you're doing everything correctly and are sure you have a good signal to that room it may be a problem with the access point.


Once pressing and holding both buttons down for a few seconds, you may have to wait up to around a minute for it to connect sometimes. You should see "Connection Success."



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We have tried all of this but it still is not connecting....

We have tried all of this but it still is not connecting. Thank you for trying to helphelp
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Re: We have tried all of this but it still is not connecting....

WAP has power, reseated both ends of data cable between WAP and RG, move WiFi receiver into room with WAP hooked to TV in room or close TV if not in room with WAP.


Still no TV, but bars on rceiver show strong signal, factory reset the receiver.

Depress POWER button, while holding power depress OK and down for 10-15 seconds, release POWER keep holding OK, DOWN till front panel lights flash three times. 

Three dots, one gear, load bar, two gears, load, auto reboot, give 10-15 minutes to complete process, will have On Demand screen, input TV channel, picture great, move receiver back to original location.


If never see gear upload bar, check data cable, try different LAN port on RG (port may be bad).


If above fails recommend schedule a service call, issue for tech.

*I am an AT&T employee, and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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Thank you so much!

Thank you so much!
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