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dvr recordings not playing


dvr recordings not playing

Accidently cancelled my account.  Was told by ATT that they can't reactivate my account, that I have to start with new one.  I still have DVR recordings I want to watch.  Called ATT. Tech says the only way to PERSERVE my recordings is to re-install service with the old account number. Finally after many hours with different reps, I found one who was willing to reinstate my old account.  Two weeks later, tech guy re-installs my u-verse cable with new modem.  Everything works, but my DVD RECORDINGS.  I can see a list of my recordings, but they won't play.  Also get message that some recordings may not play because it's tied to different account.  The thing is, this is the same old account number/DVR.   The tech guy tries to resolve problem by re-installing the old modem.  Recordings still won't play even with the same old equipment.  It should have worked according to the tech guy.  Do I have to wait 24 hours for the DVR to load my recordings or should they played immediately?  Help please? 

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‎07-11-2018 3:28 AM

Re: dvr recordings not playing

My theory...


I'm not too surprised you can see the list of recordings on the dvr since I I think that info, along with the recordings, are physically on the dvr's hard drive.  But when you go to play a recording it is verified with the att system ("back end") which is one of the reasons why the dvr has to "log in" to the system when you boot it up.  The att system side lost all the "old" account links when you cancelled that account.  The original linkages are gone...forever!  Recreating the account is effectively a different account from the system's point of view.  That's why you get that error when trying to play them where it thinks those recordings belong to a different account (recordings are tied to a single account - it may look like its the same to you but in reality it is not). 


Bottom line, you might as well factory reset the dvr to clear the list and get the recording disk space back because you will never will be able to play them.  Sorry.


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Re: dvr recordings not playing


Thanks for you help!

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