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Yamaha 1080 Soundbar Remote Control Pairing


Yamaha 1080 Soundbar Remote Control Pairing

Does anyone know how to pair my Yamaha 1080 Soundbar with my Uverse remote. I've tried the "audio" setup via the remote option of scanning for codes and nothing worked. I also can't seem to find any information in general setting up a soundbar with a Uverse remote.

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‎01-21-2019 1:17 PM

Re: Yamaha 1080 Soundbar Remote Control Pairing

I found the correct process to follow. See below for what worked for Yamaha soundbars.


Press and hold "Menu" and "OK" buttons on Uverse remote

Press "Interactive" to control audio device

Press and hold "0" until sound mutes and release. Press "mute" on the Uverse remote to unmute the volume confirming a successful pairing.


Full instructions with remote codes for all popular brands can be found here.

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