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Wireless receivers


Wireless receivers

I was wondering how many wireless receivers can i get?  I have a dvr receiver and 2 wireless receivers.  i recently put in an order for another receiver but it didn't give me the option of wireless.

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‎01-05-2017 3:46 AM

Re: Wireless receivers

It depends...

Traditionally the answer has always been 2 wireless per account....


However, effective around April 1, 2016 that has changed provided certain conditions are met, the max has been raised to 5 wireless receivers.


The conditions....

1) Must have newest gateway, either the 599 or 5268

2) Must have the 2nd Gen WAP, either the 501 or 2500, a 401 will only support 1st Gen wireless with 2 maximum.

3) Must, the first (2) wireless receivers have to be 1st Gen wireless Ciscvo 7005

4) Must, the additional wireless (3-5) have to be 2Nd Gen wireless either 7105 or 2500

5) Must be ordered and shipped thru SALES department, garages, techs generally are not stocked with these WiFi receivers.

6) Must, $49 charge per wireless receiver, billed by SALES.

7) If problem doing a self install on wireless receiver needing a tech dispatch can be subjected to a possible $99 service call, FAILED Self Install of equipment. This ($99) is the same charge for a tech to install a hardwired receiver.

8) Must, Each receiver is currently $10 a month, no increase in 2017 price, same a$ 2016 pricing for each receiver.

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