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What are the DVR hard drive sizes?


What are the DVR hard drive sizes?

I have a 6 year old VIP1216 that I want to upgrade to higher capacity.  I'm pretty sure my hard drive is only 40gb.  The tech said if I get a new one (for a $105 upgrade fee) it would have double the capacity.  What are the actual hard drive sizes of the DVR's UVerse is handing out now?  The tech says I can get the same capacity for free, but are they still giving out 40gb models?


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Re: What are the DVR hard drive sizes?

Your Motorola VIP1216 is 160GB.  The others are the 1225, which is 250GB; and the 2250 which is 500GB.


If yours is 6 years old, I would think a nice customer service rep could arrange for you to be upgraded at no charge.  Ask nicely, and maybe they'll do it for you.  There can always be many factors they consider, one of which could be bill payments over the years.


Depending upon your level of service, you could always see if they could wiggle an upgrade along with a trade-in (kind of a trade-off -- you're willing to upgrade if they give you a bigger DVR).


KEEP IN MIND:  Your recorded programs will be completely gone if you trade.  Your scheduled recordings, however, will follow you onto your new DVR after it boots up and pulls your information from "the cloud."

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Re: What are the DVR hard drive sizes?

OK, I called UVerse and they told me it was simply not possible to upgrade my DVR - even if I pay them extra to do it.  The only thing they can do is replace my DVR, but apparently it's the luck of the draw what DVR I'd get.  I could very well end up with the same one.


So, anyone have any other suggestions on how to get this done before I seriously consider switching back to Comcast?




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Re: What are the DVR hard drive sizes?

Hi @twentw,


I apologize about the issues you are having just trying to upgrade service, but I will be happy to help. We will send you a private message to gather more information and work with you to get this resolved.


-David T


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Re: What are the DVR hard drive sizes?

Best check with Comcast to see about the DVR size.  I don't know about Comcast, but Time Warner still distributes these teeny-tiny DVR's in the Columbus area that can only hold about 20 hours of HD and while you can always go to the store and get a new one, it's luck of the draw which one you get.


Given that you can buy a 3tb hard drive for around $100 and yet service providers don't let you do this, the only logical conclusion is that all cable providers are phasing DVR's out of existance in favor of cloud type services. Otherwise, why wouldn't they provide larger, more functional units with external storage, backups so you don't lose everything etc...  

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Re: What are the DVR hard drive sizes?

Thanks to David T. for helping me get a new 2250 and avoiding the trauma of returning to Comcast.

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