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Volume problems with ATT Uverse


Volume problems with ATT Uverse

I have just received a new replacement DVR unit - Motorola VIP 2250 becaues I was having volume problems with my previous unit. ...and when I first setup the new unit everything worked great.  Then I switched over to Xbox to test sound there, and when I went back to Uverse, I  am having the same volume control problems I experienced with my first settop box. (!)


I am only getting at best 30-40% of the max volume of my TV when watching Uverse TV.   If I switch to FM Radio or Xbox 360 or DVD player (i.e. anything not connected to UVERSE) and play the sound through the TV, I get full volume.   I have the same problem if instead I switch to my home entertainment system - the volume is 30-40% of max when watching Uverse, but 100% when watching a DVD or listening to the radio, ipod input, etc.  anything besides the cable input.


I spent over 1 hour with technical support who was unable to solve the problem when I had this issue with the first unit -  therefore, they sent me a new one.  Since it worked fine with the new box until switching out of Uverse, and now I have the exact same problem, there must be a solution.  Does anyone know what might have happened? 


As best I can figure out, here is what I "did":


Connected and then plugged in new settop box.  

Volume worked great - 100% through TV or through Home Entertainment system.

I switched the input on my TV from CAble/Antenna to my Game Console.   Played a game and ***adjusted the volume***  

When I switched back to Uverse, the sound dropped 70%!

Various combinations of turning Uverse on and off, changing the volume on the TV or the Entertainment system with it off, and then going back to turning on the Uverse box (i.e. after plugging it back in) have not reset the sound.


Is this a known issue with a known solution???


Thanks to anyone who has seen this issue before,



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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Volume problems with ATT Uverse

jparadow - The 2250 does have a volume control. You want to set it at max (25). To check it and set it you need to reprogram your U-verse remote. When the TV is programmed the remote defaults to controlling the TV volume.

The volume code is 955. Press att/OK simultaneously - 955 - the mode button that you want you control volume (ATT) then the enter button.

If you leave out the ATT button while programing, the volume control will depend on the mode key active while watching.

When you are done you probably want to reprogram to always control the TV volume while watching (TV mode).

Since the X-box and 2250 are on the same software platform using a fragile IR signal, there is a possibility of the x-box remote adversely affecting the 2250.

Try to determine the unique sound control icon that is displayed on the TV screen for the 2250 volume, the TV volume and the X-box volume so that you can verify proper functionality of each remote.
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Re: Volume problems with ATT Uverse

Thank you, I will give it a shot!

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Re: Volume problems with ATT Uverse

Unfortunately I am back with the same problem...now on a vip 1225...my brand new 2250 unit had to be returned b/c tier 2 support could not activate the DVR functionality on the unit.  So now they shipped me a new "old" model.  The volume worked fine until I used it in conjunction with my home entertainment system.  I unfortunately used the volume dial on the entertainment unit and then turned the volume back down with that same dial...now the uverse volume is again <50% of max.  


I tried the code 955 recommended above and the volume was at max (25) .  A hard reboot made no difference. The overall volume from the tv is still low.


Do you have any other suggestions for how to get the volume back?


This is getting so frustrating as it is our third DVR box in a month and we have yet to have success with the technology for more than a week!  This is crazy that it does not integrate smoothly with any other technology!  Regretting signing up with ATT.


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Re: Volume problems with ATT Uverse

jparadow - If the STB is set at 25, that is all the control you have. How about the connections to the TV & the HT??

How is the TV connected? How is the HT connected? Are there two separate connections? Or, one through the HT?
Can you try just connecting the TV &/or just connecting the HT?
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Re: Volume problems with ATT Uverse

I'm having the same problem.

The issue is with the Motorola VIP2250 STB (Set Top box)

The box has its only governing Volume Control.


If your remote is programmed to control the VIP2250 box then when you operate your volume control on your remote you will see a circle icon on your screen that has a volume range of 0-24.


If your remote is programmed to your TV it will display differently depending on the TV that you programmed.  The problem is that after reprogramming your remote and leaving the VIP2250 volume at high level 24 then programming your TV remote... you will lose about 25-50 percent of your audio level.   Your TV Volume icon will show full level, but will only produce a limited audible range.   This issue seems to be tied specifically to the VIP 2250 box. 


Now I have (2) remotes..  I have the new S20 and an older ATT Remote that was already programmed to my TV.    I reset my S20 so that it controls volume from the VIP2250 box (Which seems the be the only way to get full volume).   But this seems to take priority as now my old remote volume control has no audio what-so-ever.  It will display the volume level control from my TV, but has no affect in sound. 


If anyone has a working solution to this, would love to hear it.

My theory is that if I can find a way to maximize the voluem level on the VIP2250 box to force it at high volume then all should work fine.  My next move is to read the manual on the VIP2250 box to see if there are any volume trick there..  But there are no visible manual controls that I can see on the box.

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the volume keeps getting softer and louder.

The volume gets softer and louder on most channels. This is a wireless box. I swapped with another wireless box in the house with no help, I tried differrent HDMI cables but no luck. Cable goes directly from the box to my smart TV, no sound system. rebooted boxes and router no luck. Has the same problem with DVR shows. Sound from TV is fine when watching Netflix and bluray. Please help.

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