Use own router with i3812

Use own router with i3812

I was looking around and found I could use my own router with my Uverse internet.  I have a  i3812 outside of the house, and ran a cable from that unit to my router.  Changed the settings on the router and it all worked great.  But....


The Uverse TV will not stay going for more then 5 sec.  It will change to a channel and then just go out telling me that I have no connection.  


Internet all works fine.  Any ideas?



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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Use own router with i3812

U-Verse set-top boxes (including the DVR) cannot be placed on the network behind your own router. They must remain directly connected to the main U-Verse router, in your case to the i38HG unit inside, or to the coax network that connects to the i3812V outside.
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