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U-Verse for Apartment Complex

U-Verse for Apartment Complex

Hey Community. 


I live in a 5 unit apartment complex and our landlord was wondering if we wanted to get U-Verse to share throughout the building.  Anybody ever heard of this? Our individual apartment already has it so would we have to pay a cancellation fee? 

Just wondering. 

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Re: U-Verse for Apartment Complex

That won't occur as it must go to a specific location like yours and it's not like a cable company.


Uverse is IPTV and would need a Uverse DVR/STB in each location as it would have to decode and authorize the watching/recording of the streams (4 max). Smiley Wink



Please NO SD stretch-o-vision or 480 SD HD Channels
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Re: U-Verse for Apartment Complex

Perfect.  Thank you so much for response!  I will let my landlord know. 

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