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Re: U-Verse Install Date 1/27/2014


U-Verse Install Date 1/27/2014

Hello from Riverside CA,

Currently I am switching from Charter tv, phone and internet. Service has been relatively good. U-verse just hit my neighborhood about 2 weeks ago so I figured we would give it a shot since we have AT&T Wireless and some of the features of U-Verse seem really cool. I live in an old house with old inside phone wiring and an old Drop from the pole.


Currently have 4 tv's and 4 dvr stb on a coax network that was mickey moused by a charter vendor I guess you would call it. I have 5 splitters. Telephone gateway in 1 room, cable modem in another with a wireless router and several ethernet runs mickey moused by me ran under the carpets. I have a lot of gadgets like Roku 3 Roku 2, Vbox One, Xbox 360 Wii and Wii U so I try to keep those on a wired network and stuff like ipad and laptops on wireless.


I am getting U450 the max internet available to me 24mb internet and keeping 2 existing phone lines transferring to U-Verse 1 of which is a dedicated fax. 1 whdvr 3 wired stb and 1 wireless stb. I will use the wireless stb to add a tv to the Kitchen.



How much say do I have for the installation where things are placed  and where things are run?


As far as requesting the technician running new coax or cat5e or 6 or using my existing coax?


From what I have read and preferring an all ethernet network cat5e or 6 is better then a coax. Is this true?


Will the installation include an all ethernet network or is this something I need to do beforehand or pay extra for?


Do I need to pre purchase extra 8 or 5 port switches or will the tech have them as needed?


I am hearing some issues with VOIP and Fax Machines but as far as I know that is what I have with Charter and Fax works fine.


My wife is a DVR junkie. She is the primary watcher and recorder and that is in our room. Our room has the heaviest usage. Would this be the best location for the whdvr? Currently we are limited to 2 recordings then we cannot watch the cable box and have to switch from cable to tv and use the tv tuner.


I appreciate any advice and feedback. Thank you all so much. This is a great community.





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Re: U-Verse Install Date 1/27/2014

A lot of good questions,
1st the IPTV is limited to (4) input channels, this is both recording and watching.
If recording 2 show on Thursday, only 2 more channels available for viewing. Two tvs on same channel is 1 input.
Max recorded shows that can be watched at one time is 3.

With max internet option of 24M means your on a 32M profile.
Bandwidth is shared between voip, IPTV,and HSIA.
Each HD channel uses about 6, if all 4 HD in use (32-(4x6)=8 @90% total hsia is 6.5 to 7 internet speed.
No tv usage, 24M, 1 tv 24M, 2tv 18,19M...3tv 12,13 M...4tv less than 7M

The installer can run up to 3 lines without charge, each additional line is $55.
The home run from NID to RG counts as one of three.
Coax tested can be used but can only have one splitter

DVR should be at least used location, all boxes have access to DVR.
Strongly recommend adding 2nd wifi receiver, if house wiring is that bad.

Phone wiring is not touched just a backfeed from phone port on RG to demarc wire point.

Tech should have switches, use Netgear GS108 http://www.att.com/equipment/accessory-details/?q_sku=sku3950269

The tech will preform a survey walk through, discuss needs, placements, holes to be drilled, etc.
This is time to make your requests known. Ideally RG should be placed close to center of home for best wifi signal.
If need a wireless range booster, the netgear3000rp is recommended but not carried on truck.

Based on description with drop replacement, new NID, cat5 homerun, 5 boxes triple play double voip expect 7 to 9+ hour install.
Hopefully you have a 9-11am time frame, as a 1-3 will be there late. Latest I have been in someones home is 11:30, I heard of installs finishing 1 to 2 am.
*I am an AT&T employee, and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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Re: U-Verse Install Date 1/27/2014

Thank You. I will be running cat 6 cabling prior to the install date.


I have 2 Netgear GS105 and 3 Netgear GS108 switches. I am planning to place the RG in the back of the house where the main point of entry is for the NID.


Should I have dedicated switch for data and a dedicated switch for iptv or does it matter?


I was planning on running 2 cat6 cables to each location 1 for Data and 1 for TV. Or should I just run 1 cat6 and use a switch at each location?


Will I need to use an AT&T WAP for the Wireless STB or will my wireless N router work?


Thank You again

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Re: U-Verse Install Date 1/27/2014

Prefer not to ix IPTV and internet devices, strongly recommend if running one, run two.
Use two different switches, one exclusive for IP TV. The WAP for wireless TV receiver(s) must be ATTs.

As a tech, I want to thank you in advance for your forethought and active participation.

Riverside, I believe is one of the newer Uverse expansion areas.

Hope you enjoy your new service, questions please post.
*I am an AT&T employee, and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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Re: U-Verse Install Date 1/27/2014

AT&T kept me in the loop. Technician was very good and friendly. Install took less then 2 hours. Actually 2 outside techs were in my area a few days before they asked if it was ok for them to check my line early. I had just gotten home from work. I was like sure. They put in a new drop in no time. Its only been 1 week but I truly am enjoying my U-Verse services. Only hiccup was porting my 2 phone numbers from charter which didn't port until 1/29 heres the kicker they kept rejecting it for my zipcode AT&T used my 5 digit and charter had my 5 digit + 4 so once AT&T added the + 4 it went through. Thanks
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