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Still having problems with my DVD player

Still having problems with my DVD player

I followed the steps in the programming guide as far as programming the remote to control the DVD player.  I got as far as turning the DVD player off with the remote, but I can't get it to turn on again. 


Even if I can get it turned on, I have no idea where to go to be in DVD mode to watch DVDs.  I hit DVD on the remote and then POWER, but nothing happened. 




Extremely Frustrated.

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Re: Still having problems with my DVD player

What's funny aviewer as soon as I saw the OP had a SDTV I knew exactly what the problem was and wrote a reply. It said about the exactly same thing yours did as far as the cabling goes and don't connect any equipment to the RG. So I checked the thread right before posting, here you had already beat me to the punch, so I deleted my reply.


You are either waay too fast or I'm waaay to slow. Probably the later. Smiley Very Happy


Yeah, would be nice if the OP (original poster) came back so we could close this case on the remote not working. Smiley Wink


BTW, it would have helped solve this problem quicker if the OP said he had a SDTV to begin with. Sometimes it seems like users may be a little embarrassed they don't have a HDTV so they don't open up. They shouldn't and I watch a SDTV down my basement all the time. It's whatever you have, and can afford, for us trying to help troubleshoot problems.


Hey jesstiger81, come on back so we can try to fix your remote problems!




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Re: Still having problems with my DVD player

This have really helped me....thanks for the constant feedback and questions
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