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Slingbox Pro w/ UVerse Remote Control Issue

Slingbox Pro w/ UVerse Remote Control Issue

Hi guys,


Thanks in advance for any help.  I've looked the forums for the last few hours and can't seem to find anyone with my issues.


I just setup a Slingbox Pro with my Motorola 1216 STB/DVR and I can watch live TV with absolutely no issues.  However, the remote control gives me no options except for volume controls.  So I reconfigured my slingbox to use the Motorola 1216 (cablebox), which now gives me all the buttons on the virtual remote, but they don't work well.  For example:


1) Recorded TV button doesn't do anything

2) Entering a series of 4 numbers only registers the first number

3) Scrolling up and down through the guide is intermittent at best


It would seem to me that the binary mapping on the remote is a little off or something along those lines.  Can anyone shed some light on this?


I installed this for my wife, who is in Iraq, so she can keep up with Dexter and take her mind off what she's dealing with during the day.  Any help at all is appreciated, and I'm open to any suggestions.






PS - I'm an IT guy, so feel free to talk tech if you think it would be helpful :smileyhappy:

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Re: Slingbox Pro w/ UVerse Remote Control Issue

  • Make sure you've downloaded the latest Slingbox Player software from the Sling Media website.
  • Using the Slingbox Player software, update the firmware on the Slingbox to the latest version.
  • Position the IR blaster to the right of the 3 front panel LEDs (reg/record, green/power, blue/HD).  The IR receiver is in between the LEDs and the USB port.
  • You may want to try the setup for a Motorola 1200 or 1225 instead of the 1216.



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Re: Slingbox Pro w/ UVerse Remote Control Issue

Hey SomeJoe,


It was all about the IR placement =P  I took a flashlight to the front panel and though the IR was to the left of the USB port, as there is some kind of optical connetor there, but you are indeed correct sir!


I moved it over between the LED's and the USB port, and bam, every button is working!


Thanks from myself, and my wife who just watched Big Bang Theory =)


Much appreciated,



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Re: Slingbox Pro w/ UVerse Remote Control Issue

Actually, if I may, one more question:


I'm using both the HDMI and component outputs of my DVR  -  HDMI to my TV, compenent to the SlingBox.  It seems that when I turn my TV off, the slingbox feed goes dark, I'm guessing because the DVR knows the TV is gone (or no more signal).


Is there anyway around this, like switching the connections around or something of that nature?





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Re: Slingbox Pro w/ UVerse Remote Control Issue

HDMI sends status signals to the other piece of equipment.  When you turn your TV off, the DVR is informed of that through HDMI, and it shuts off all video output.


I would ditch the HDMI, and loop the component connections through the Slingbox.  This would be component from DVR to Slingbox, and component from Slingbox to TV.


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Re: Slingbox Pro w/ UVerse Remote Control Issue

Tried that, I have the IR blasters between the LED lights and the USB port... still nothing.


I have every part of this sling box working, but the remote.



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