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Skip Feature

When I had Dish the DVR had a skip feature. You could go to a scheduled recording and click the Skip box. The DVR then would skip that  episode and would record that episode the next time it aired.


I can't find a feature like this on the U-verse DVR. Is there a way to get the U-verse DVR  to do this?


The reason I ask is that on Monday nights I have more than 3 HD recordings scheduled at the same time. I can cancel one of the HD recording but then have to manually find when the episode airs again and set up a another recording for it.

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Re: Skip Feature

I have had that issue when recording shows on the Discovery Channel.  The workaround was to set all of my recordings lets say for 8pm.  And then I set the one that aired later up as a series recording.  I made sure it was set for Any day, around 11pm and then First run only.  It worked great. 

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