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STB Mute turned on mysteriously

STB Mute turned on mysteriously

I was in the middle of fast-forwarding through a recording when I saw "Mute" appear in white letters on a black background in the upper right of the screen, and all of a sudden, all sound - both live shows and recordings - was gone.  It wasn't the TV mute, as that has a different symbol that appears; also, I switched to my Blu-Ray player, and I could hear the sound from there just fine.


I assume that, somehow, I activated a mute on the STB itself.  Is this something that usually happens?


Also, am I right in assuming that the way to fix it is as follows:


1.  On the U-Verse remote, press ATT & OK simultaneously, then 9, 5, 5, ATT, Enter to switch the remote to "ATT mode" (i.e. the volume and mute buttons now affect the STB rather than the TV)


2.  Press the Mute button to turn sound back on


3.  press ATT & OK simultaneously, then 9, 5, 5, TV, Enter to switch the remote back to "TV mode" (where the volume and mute buttons get sent to the TV).


Why is there even a mute mode on the STB if there's no easy way to access it?




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Re: STB Mute turned on mysteriously

That Don Guy - It used to happen more often. I believe it is a corruption of the IR signal.

You are correct on how to change the volume/mute control. One clarification - Your number one sets it to a "follow the mode button" mode. Since you are in att mode the volume on the STB is varied. If you pressed the TV button , you would control the TV volume.

There are more than a couple of obscure uses for an STB volume control - two examples -
If you have a TV and sound system (but no DVD) you could vary the STB volume when the TV and sound system stay fixed. One volume control. You yourself could set this up just for the TV if the mute appears frequently.

I had an IR corruption of FF to chan up/down about six times a night. I covered the IR sensor with this tape - from the Home Depot electrical dept I think it is coming up on a years anniversary with not one corruption.

Second reason - If you have two TVs the same you cannot affect just one volume. You need an RF remote on the second STB an control the volume of the STB instead of the TV.

The difficulty with the remote is because it is designed to provide a desired feature (vary TV volume in att mode) at the least possible cost. The way it works lets the TV volume vary in the att mode - what just about everyone wants, but difficult on any variation.
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