STB Behind Switches


STB Behind Switches

I am having serious wireless issues with the Wireless TV receivers. Want to move it into a central location. Unfortunately, this caused a lot of issues when I shared it with the same switch as the Netgear AP and other traffic.


I am trying to move a Uverse WAP to another room behind a switch. After reading some of the posts here, I purchased 2 GS108Tv2. I read this post for the suggestion:


I need some help with configuration and making sure I am not doing something too insane.


This is what I plan on doing.


VLAN 10 - LAN/PC Traffic

VLAN 20 - Uverse STB / WAP


Switch A - In room with Uverse Residential Gateway. Links with a single cat 5e to Switch B in hallway.

Switch B - In hallway and servers as a switch for everything else in the rest of the home including the Uverse Wireless Access Point and Netgear Access Point.


Room 1:


RG :

+ --- Uverse DVR/STB Box

+ --- Switch A Port 1 (For LAN)

+ --- Switch A Port 2 (For STB)


Switch A:

+ --- Port 1 - RG (VLAN 10 Untagged)

+ --- Port 2 - RG (VLAN 20 Untagged)

+ --- Port 3 - Switch B (VLAN 1 Tntagged)

+ --- Port 4 - Roku (VLAN 10 Untagged)

+ --- Port 5 - Blu Ray (VLAN 10 Untagged)

+ --- Port 6 - WD TV Live (VLAN 10 Untagged)

+ --- Port 7 - Laptop (VLAN 10 Untagged)

+ --- Port 8 - Unused  (VLAN 10 Untagged)




Switch B:

+ --- Port 1 - Link to Switch A in Room 1 (Default VLAN 1 Tagged ????)

+ --- Port 2 - Uverse Wireless Access Point (VLAN 20 Untagged)

+ --- Port 3 - Netgear Wireless Access Point (VLAN 10 Untagged)

+ --- Port 4 - PC (VLAN 10 Untagged)

+ --- Port 5 - Roku  (Living Room with Wireless Receiver) (VLAN 10 Untagged)

+ --- Port 6 - Roku  (Room 2 with Wireless Receiver) (VLAN 10 Untagged)

+ --- Port 7 - Future Wireless HD (VLAN 10 Untagged)

+ --- Port 8 - Unused (VLAN 20 Untagged) (Future STB)



Short Version:


Please help me configure the VLANs correctly.

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Re: STB Behind Switches

So this worked. But now I can't access the Switches. I might have to do this all over. I believe the issue is that I used tagged between the switches. Big mistake.

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Re: STB Behind Switches

Two issues:

1. The link between the switches must be tagged on BOTH VLANS. Both VLAN's traffic must be able to travel between the switches.
2. The switches themselves are only accessible on VLAN 1 (the default VLAN). I recommend you use VLAN 1 as the PC VLAN, and then use a different VLAN number for the IPTV VLAN (like 2 or 20).

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Re: STB Behind Switches

interesting the way your using vLANs to split traffic instead of letting the Gateway hande the multicasting (I think I've got that right). 


I had a similar desire as yours, 3 nodes, all wiried. mixed STB's and other.


Node 1 runs from port 1 on the RG into an unmanaged 108


STB, Computers, access point, Xbox, printer, etc...


Node 2 runs to port 2 - unmanaged 108

Blue ray player, home theater, etc....


Node 3 to Port 3 - unamanged 108

STB, blu-ray, Apple Tv


the DVR runs to port 4 on its own.



This allowed a) the obnoxious number of wired devices I wanted b) the addition of a wireless N access point and c) the ability for everyone to see everyone, IE, STBS can talk to each other, the app works regardless of which WAP we're on, the Apple TV's see my desktop in the basement with all the music, etc...


Originally, I wanted to do a vLan set up to isolate the STBs from the internet traffic since everything had to hop through a switch in the outer nodes.  The idea was that I wanted to put certain devices onto one network while allowing certain devices a clearer path to the internet.


after resarching it, I decided that the multi node, switched method was the best solution, and I've had no problems since.


infact, the only network problem ive had at all was what I thought was some issues with the WAP for the one wireless reciever trying to do someting weird with the routing of the computers on node 1, so I pulled and connected the wireless box directly to the network.  Not only did it seem to clear up the issues, the wireless box works better IMHO wired than wireless.....


good luck

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Re: STB Behind Switches

I have seen Somejoe7777's responses on multiple threads relating to this topic and I am really hoping he sees and responds to this. I have a similar setup as to what is being discussed here, but am attmepting to resolve with TP-LINK smart switches (TG1016DE & TG108E). I have followed the recommendations, but there may be differences with the TP-LINK switches causing this not to work correctly. Any thoughts or experience with this? 

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