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Reward card or lack there of.


Reward card or lack there of.

It appears as if a lot of folks have the same problem. I was told at the onset of my order that I would receive $200 in rewards cards. But as so many others I did not. Why is this such a problem? If you offer something, then honor it. I am still waiting for mine. Is there a plus to having to wait? I pay my bills or I lose my service. Which I am fond of. I need the service as I sit at home 24 seven with a totally disabled child who is in a hospital bed and non ambulatory. I need the internet and tv or I would completely go insane. There are only so many books you can read. I live through the internet and the cards would really comer in handy for a person who barely makes it month to month. I would really love a resolution to this. if I lose service I have to pay a reconection fee as well as the whole bill. which has not happened. just saying. would I love a bonus. sure who would'nt.

can this be resolved please? I have received one card and have been waiting for the second. thank you for listening.

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‎01-16-2019 9:20 AM

Re: Reward card or lack there of.

Hello there @anm1119,

We want to point you in the right direction regarding the rewards you are looking for. For appropriate assistance in this matter, we recommend you contact the AT&T Reward Center for additional support.

If you have any other questions related to your AT&T services, we'll be more than happy to assist you!

Alexander, AT&T Community Specialist

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Re: Reward card or lack there of.

When I did the online order for my account to get At&T service, I was promised $400 in Visa cards. Service began and two weeks later I went to claim my Visa cards and only one was available in the value of $200. I called the number and the agent activated another one for the amount of $100, and claimed she added in a next one of a $100 to get the total to $400. She said she’s doing it manually and I should see it in 5days. It’s been well over a week and the third card has yet to show up. I called the rewards customer service again and this time the agent tells me she see nothing on my account. Not the manually enter card or any notes from my order. My account is blank!

I was on hold for 1hour and 15mins, spoke to rewards agent, got transferred to At&T customer service then the automated help tramfered me back to the rewards center. I couldn’t hold on any longer!

Please help!! 

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Re: Reward card or lack there of.

You'll have to contact the Reward Center. Normal reps cannot help with the reward cards, only the Reward Center can. 

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