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Reset remote/deprogram

Reset remote/deprogram

I programmed my S10-S1 remote to be able to control my Sony surround sound and it worked, but because it's already set up to control volume on the TV- the remote volume only controls the TV volume not the AUX/surround.

Is there a way to unprogram the tv part or reset the remote and start all over?

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Re: Reset remote/deprogram

If the remote doesn't have some kind of battery backup if you remove the batteries for about a minute should wipe out the current programming.

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Re: Reset remote/deprogram

I left the batteries out for about 5 minutes and no luck Smiley Sad
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Re: Reset remote/deprogram

Thats all I could think to try.

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Re: Reset remote/deprogram

Ok, I reset it using ATT+OK then code 900. Now I gotta find an AUX code that will get the remote to control all of the surround sound features.
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Re: Reset remote/deprogram


In your OP you say you had the aux key programmed to control the SONY (including volume??) but the volume controlled the TV volume (in att mode??)

The device control for volume is 955. After you have programed your devices -

att/ok key - all mode keys flash twice


press device you want to always control volume
press enter key and volume is controlled by whichever device is selected while watching.
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Re: Reset remote/deprogram

Thanks sooo much! Works perfect Smiley Happy now I don't have to stress the broken surround sound remote and getting up every 10 min to adjust lol
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Re: Reset remote/deprogram

Aviewer thanks for posting that info.

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