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Replacement DVR does not work because of AT&T order system is down?

Replacement DVR does not work because of AT&T order system is down?

AT&T employees -- is the story I've been told by Tech Support true?


11 days ago I received a replacement U-verse DVR from AT&T for mine that had died.


When booting it up it does not connect because my account configuration does not have this box entered. Tech Support has tried to fix the issue twice and failed.


Then, the third time I got an honest Tech Support analyst who told me that their internal order system was down and they were not able to configure my account for the new box. They have no estimated completion date of the fix.


I am using a box moved from another location so I can watch television, but I have been unable to record any programs now for 11 days!!  Needless to say I am very frustrated.


If they can't code this box into the system for me, how are they able to bring on new customers?


I'm not sure if I'm getting the true story. Has anyone gotten a similar response from Tech Support?



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Re: Replacement DVR does not work because of AT&T order system is down?

Outtages usually dont last long, they dont give an eta because they dont want 1000 people calling in at the estimated time. My guess is less than a couple hours. Beleive me when i say they are on top of it because this same system also allows the installers to install and configure boxes on new and existing accounts, just give it a few hours then call back and you should be good. have you called in the 11 days or just assumed it was still down? You will need support to provision the box because it wont just boot up when the system comes online

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Re: Replacement DVR does not work because of AT&T order system is down?

First and most importantly, this issue has been resolved via email correspondence with Customer Care. They were very helpful and got this taken care of in a few hours.


Second, I have no idea why telephone support was so awful. The first guy (11 days ago) did not resolve it, even after two calls. The second guy (3 days ago) said the internal order system was down and had been down for all those 11 days. That turns out to be false. I found out yesterday that the order system was down for only a few hours.


Both telephone support reps said they would call me back as soon as the issue was fixed. Neither one called me back.


I was trying to not be a pain in the neck by continuing to call when I had been promised a return call. I have learned my lesson:

a) never use telephone support

b) use Customer Care instead

c) I am the customer and I should not worry about being a pain in the neck


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