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Recordings are showing No Info Available instead of a title


Recordings are showing No Info Available instead of a title

I have several recordings that show No Info Available instead of a title. I searched online and found many many people with the same issue. I tried all the usual resets. I did chat support and spent 90 minutes trying different things. Finally they tell me they have to dispatch a technician and now I'm going to lose my recordings. The reason I'm upset is...part of the reason I chose ATT is because they told me 2 things:

1) If a recording is going to start late becasue the previous show runs over, the DVR will automatically adjust the start and end time.

2) If I need to switch my equipment, I won't lose all my recordings.


Unfortunately I've found out both these things are lies. I've had the service just over a year and lost my recordings once already. I'm really tired of being lied to and losing my shows becasue of cheap equipment. I find it hard to believe that with so many people having this issue and some going back to 2011, there's no fix for this yet.

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‎12-10-2015 11:35 AM

Re: No Info Available

Hi @AtlBigDog,


We have seen issues like this in the past. It is either related to a bad DVR or power strips. If the DVR is plugged into a power strip, we highly recommend you plug it into a wall outlet. In the past, they have caused the issues you are experiencing. 


In regards to your questions. If a show runs over, you can add time when setting up the recording. This link will explain how. 


If equipment is switched, there is not currently a way to transfer those recordings. 


If you need further assistance after the dispatch, please let us know. 



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Re: No Info Available

I'll see what the tech says when he comes tonight. I know how to add time to a recording, I can't monitor every channel to know when I'll need to add time. That's why I was excited when the salesperson told me the DVR would do it automatically.

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Re: No Info Available

How can you mark this as solved if you don't know if it solved my issue?

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Re: No Info Available

This is not really a solution if you do not have your DVR hooked up to a surge protector.  My box was just replaced the end of May and now (first of September) I may already need a new one.  This is after having gone through 2 in 2 years. What is the probem with the DVRs?

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Re: No Info Available

And if I continue to have to buy programs on a website, why do I need ATT?


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