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Recording list unavailable


Recording list unavailable

Hello. I've been using my system with no problems for a few months now. Yesterday, out of the blue, the DVR became unavailable from my wireless receiver. It's happened a few times before and it was easily solved by rebooting the wireless receiver. This time nothing seems to help. I've rebooted the receiver, the DVR, the network access point. Nothing works! 
I can see the upcoming recordings on the DVR menu, but nothing already recorded shows up.

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Re: Recording list unavailable

Unplug everything... factory reset the RG (keeps a device list and how coonected), using the button on back of RG by power connection. Depress and hold for at least 10 second

Wait 5 minutes, plug in DVR only, allow to boot completely, about 5 minutes.

Plug in WAP and wireless receiver, allow complete boot another 5 minutes. Dvr is last to load, will have live tv, then loads guide, then DVR connection.

Should resolve issue as long as DVR is functional, can view recordings at DVR.

Your description over future recordings can be seen does not mean the receiver has connection to DVR.
Hopefully rebuilding the list at RG will allow sharing of DVR functions and list.

Note if DVR is unplugged or has no connection to RG would have same experience at non dvr receivers wired or wireless. Best therefore to always make sure DVR is OK first before looking at other equipment.
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Re: Recording list unavailable

Ok. I unplugged router, DVR and WAP. Plugged in router first and let it do its thing. Once all lights were green, I plugged in the DVR and waited. After that, I plugged in the WAP. I am still unable to see the DVR listings in my wireless receivers. Any other options?

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Re: Recording list unavailable

Is the RG the router?

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Re: Recording list unavailable

Yes, RG is router/modem

If you have COAX wiring make sure connections ar tight.


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Re: Recording list unavailable

Ok, I did the reset (pressed the red button for 10 seconds) on the modem with all the other devices unplugged. After the router came back, I plugged in the DVR. After that came back, I plugged in the WAP. After that came in, I plugged in the wireless receiver. Still no DVR listings.

We have fiber optic, so there is no coax.

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Re: Recording list unavailable

Hi @pistorin 


Just checking up on your post. I'm sorry to hear that your Wireless receiver isn't accessing the DVR properly but, I'll be glad to help. 'My Thoughts' offered some great suggestions to fix this but, if it still didn't work then there is one more thing we can try and that's performing a full disaster recovery reset to the wireless box.


To perform this reset, use the following steps:

Press and hold Power, down arrow, and OK simultaneously to power cycle the wireless box (NOT the main DVR). Wait until a gear appears on the screen before releasing. A gear appears on the screen with a status bar. Once that is complete, it will go through the standard reboot screens and then Live TV will come back up.


- MorganCS
- ATTU-verseCare


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Re: Recording list unavailable

I simply unplugged the residential gateway.  Then I disconnected everything from the 2wire402.  Next I reconnected the rg to the power.  I waited a couple of minutes to allow it to boot.  Next, I connected the dvr back to the 2wire 402 and waited until it was up and running.  Finally, I connected the wireless router for the 2 wireless boxes back to the 2wire402 and the problem was solved.

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