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Recording list unavailable - Have tried everything


Recording list unavailable - Have tried everything

I've tried all the solutions posted on this forum, except for the master reset of the DVR, which I'm reluctant to do because I'd lose all my recordings. 
I've master reset the router/modem, the wireless receiver, unplugged everything and restarted in the right process, etc. etc. etc. Still nothing. Any other options?

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Re: Recording list unavailable - Have tried everything

if it were me I wouldn't give up yet but it sounds like you're going to have to do a hard reboot. To be sure could you please list everything that you have done.




You can send a private message to the escalation team at ATT Customer Care and someone will get in touch with you in two to three business days to help you get a resolution to your problems.


To check for their reply, click the little blue envelope. envelope.png

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Re: Recording list unavailable - Have tried everything

Let's see. I've unplugged everything, then done hard reset on the modem and plugged the rest of the devices in this order: DVR, WAP, receiver. Nothing.

The last thing I tried was factory reset of the wireless receiver. Nothing.

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Re: Recording list unavailable - Have tried everything

There are several stages of reset on the DVR:

  • Soft Reboot (non-destructive): Hold the power button in for 10 second and let it reboot.
  • Hard Reboot (non-destructive): Unplug the power cord for 30 seconds, then plug it back in and let it reboot.
  • Non-destructive Disaster Recovery (non-destructive): Unplug the power cord for 30 seconds, then plug it back in.  When the three large dots on a gray screen appear, unplug the cord again.  Repeat this twice more, On the fourth power up, leave it plugged in.  This should not erase recordings, but it rebuilds/validates the on disk structure.  This can fix format problems on your hard drive and bring back recordings.  This can take a long time; last time I did it I think it took over 30 minutes to complete.
  • Full Disaster Recovery (destructive, i.e. wipes out everything on DVR):  This involves holding in buttons while plugging it in.  I don't remember exactly, but this is the final thing you do before asking for a replacement.
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