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Recording TV


Recording TV

I have one of the best DVD Recorders made. I used to be able to record everything; since it all went digital, I can't record anythingSmiley Sad (My DVD says "Cannot record copyrighted material.")  Is there anyway to pull programs off my DVR? I think there is, and here's why:


When I hook up the RCA (red/yellow/white) or the other (red/blue/green) cables to my DVR/DVD, I get the error mssg (not to mention a less than stellar picture). When I ONLY connect the HDMI cable from the DVD to the TV, programs will record---but sound only. (I tried only adding the video cable to no avail.) For the record, I'm not trying to pirate anything; there are a few things I've saved on DVR that are 0% available to purchase. (Since that is the case, I rather think that copyrights are unnecessary.)




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Re: Recording TV

Thanks for quick response.

I have standard video/audio RCA cables going from receiver to my Toshiba DVR. Have HDMI cable from receiver to Toshiba TV's HDMI1 input.Have HDMI cable from DVR to TV's HDMI2 input. So, the input signal goes directly from the receiver to my DVR via basic 3 cables.


I could try S-Video. How do I know which outputs to use on the u-verse box?



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Re: Recording TV

I hooked up s-video, (found the output!),got a picture on tv but same problem when trying to record.

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Re: Recording TV

dnegri - When you connect a HDMI cable, you never know what will happen. You should try it with the HDMI disconnected at the receiver.

I could try S-Video. How do I know which outputs to use on the u-verse box?

the receiver has an s-video output connector & use red/white for audio.

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Re: Recording TV

Found a "solution": by using DVD-RW disc and formatting it to the VR mode, the previously blocked channels (see earlier post) became recordable. Whether it is a case of "one copy only" provision or not, I don't know (though given the channels I could/coudn't record previously, I have my doubts). There is a big drawback though: the DVD-RW disc won't play on DVD-R machines that won't read the VR format or allow you to change formats. 

Nor do all decks have the ability to change the format.


This solution is not workable with the more common +RW discs nor the R discs.


So, I'm better off than yesterday, but still not a totally happy camper.

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