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Recorded programs on DVR suddenly wiped out


Recorded programs on DVR suddenly wiped out

All 14 recorded programs on the AT&T Uverse Motorola DVR suddenly disappeared yesterday. I've read some of the posts on this issue, and it seems that a line voltage spike is probably the cause. This has actually happened four times with this DVR over the last year.

However, I see that the DVR is powered through an adaptor, so I wonder if a spike will actually pass through the transformer that brings the voltage down to 12 volts (I think). Any comments?


We will certainly get a high quality surge protector (e.g. Isobar from Tripp-lite), and possibly a UPS to help prevent this, and we also will probably be asking for a replacement DVR from AT&T.


QUESTION: Has anyone heard of a way to recover the lost programs, the way files that have been deleted can be recovered on a computer?


Secondly, does anyone have suggestions on where to find copies of TV programs on the internet, or a site that might summarize that?




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Re: Recorded programs on DVR suddenly wiped out

No, there is no way to recover programs on the DVR once they have been erased.


Try the website below to view programs on the internet

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Re: Recorded programs on DVR suddenly wiped out

Thanks, TexasGuy37


Your answers are what I expected, but the confirmation is comforting.


Concerning surges passing through the Power adaptor, I think I found info that that definitely does happen, so we will get the good surge protector ASAP.




(Go Phillies.. if at first you don't succeed, keep trying, year after year....)



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