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Question about U-Verse Installation (RG placement / Coax vs CAT5)


Question about U-Verse Installation (RG placement / Coax vs CAT5)

U-Verse just arrived in my neighborhood (new VRAD just went in >500 feet away) and I'm considering making the switch. I have a few questions first however. I live in a newer two story home with a basement, that is wired with coax throughout (but not CAT5). Due to the nature of my work, it is essential that I have a hard line to the internet in my office on the top floor. My question is; even though the cable/phone/etc comes into the house in the basement, is it possible for the installer to install the residential gateway in my office? Will he need to run CAT5, and if so, could he simply terminate it in a dual coax/ethernet wall plate without cutting any additional holes in my walls (using the existing cable as a guide to feed the new cable)? For the sake of simplicity, would it be possible to run the one length of CAT5 to my office, and then have all of the other boxes (four in total, two HD) running off of coax? I'm trying to get a feel for how many holes need to be drilled in my floors and/or walls to make this work (I'm not that eager to switch if the answer is more than one or two). I realize that coax can be used by itself with an adapter of some sort, but from what I've read, that really isn't the way to go if you can help it. Doing it that way, could the RG be placed in the upstairs office? I'd rather have CAT5 directly to it, but if it can be done simpler with coax (assuming the RG can be upstairs) I'd be willing to compromise. Sorry if this has been asked before, but I couldn't find my specific issue addressed previously (if it has been, feel free to forward me there). Thank you in advance for your assistance.
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Re: Question about U-Verse Installation (RG placement / Coax vs CAT5)


It's not so much an issue of me not be able to use wireless, but rather that I won't. Since I technically have the capability, I doubt an installer is going to be willing to look the other way.  Well, whatever. The cost of the one coax to ethernet adapter is offset by the promotional savings anyway, so I guess there isn't any reason to cancel the service.



I'll definitely have the installer look at that. Thank you for the suggestion.



Thank you for all the assistance everyone. Consider my case closed.

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I had U-Verse installed a few days ago, and I figured I should give an update. Specifically, I'd like to update you guys on the performance of the Actiontec HCB1000 HPNA to Ethernet Bridge that I purchased. On the bright side, it does work in the sense that it will feed a router, and a set top box, which gives you a wired connection to the internet in a room that otherwise wouldn't have one. Unfortunately, while I get the full 24/3 (or is it 4? I haven't tested in a while) with a computer connected directly to the RG, I only get 15/0.5 while connected to the HCB1000. My wiring is fine, and I've made sure to test with all TV boxes off (to maximize bandwidth available) so I know it is the box (or U-Verse) to blame. This little box might work better with cable internet, but with U-Verse, it seems like the upload bandwidth just isn't there over HPNA, and with my need to video conference, 0.5 up just isn't going to cut it. For what it's worth, I didn't notice any problems while running the HCB1000 (like people experience when using the set top box as a bridge), but then again, I only ran it long enough to figure out that it wouldn't work before I put it back in the box to be shipped back. Your mileage may vary.


I'm not asking for help, just reporting the results I've had with the HCB1000. If you absolutely have to have a hard line in a room that is far away from the RG, and you won't use wireless (or can't), the HCB1000 can work. If you need that upload bandwidth though, I would look for another solution. I'd definitely try ethernet over powerlines first, but if you aren't on the same circuit, or you can't use one because you are in an apartment or something, the HCB1000 will work (albeit not particularly well if you need your upload bandwidth).

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