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Optical Audio Issues...


Optical Audio Issues...

I bought a new HTS last night a Panasonic SC-BTT270

I have also have the Uverse DVR VIP1225, and a Vizio VW37L
The HTS & DVR are connected to the TV by HDMI.

I have the Audio Optical from the DVR to the HTS, But there is no sound coming from the DVR to the HTS, Well apart from 2 HD programs I recorded last night, (Last Man Standing & Man Up), in which the HTS had sound coming through it..

I have tried all the comination of settings on the TV, DVR & HTS....

What could be the issue?Huh?

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Re: Optical Audio Issues...

Check this out.....

I accidently turned over to a SD channel and the Audio through the HTS came through its speaks, (not sure if its Surround Sound or not).... Turn it back to a HD channel the HTS does not get audio....

Could it be that the DVR disables Optical Audio if a HD channel is viewed via the HDMI cable but is enabled while viewing a SD channel via HDMI?Huh?

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Re: Optical Audio Issues...

Try menu>options>audio/language options>digital audio output try surround sound and save. Smiley Wink



Please NO SD stretch-o-vision or 480 SD HD Channels
1-800-288-2020, After he gets acct info, press # a bunch of times, get a menu from Mr. Voice recognition
Your Results May Vary, In My Humble Opinion
I Call It Like I See It, Simply a U-verse user, nothing more

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Re: Optical Audio Issues...

Done that..

has no effect on the HD channels

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Re: Optical Audio Issues...

When the U-Verse STB's "Digital Audio Output" setting is set to Surround Sound, sound from the HD channels is sent over optical and HDMI as 5.1 Dolby Digital. When the setting is set to Stereo, the sound from HD channels is sent as 2.0 PCM. (Sound from SD channels is always sent as 2.0 PCM regardless of the setting).

The behavior you're describing indicates that your new HTS does not accept 5.1 Dolby Digital over the optical connection, but instead accepts only 2.0 PCM.

You can set the setting to "Stereo" to downconvert the audio to 2.0 channel, or you'll have to see if the HTS will accept multi-channel audio over HDMI.

What brand and model HTS is this?
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Re: Optical Audio Issues...

@bigsteve_1 wrote:

I bought a new HTS last night a Panasonic SC-BTT270


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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Optical Audio Issues...

OK, please download the manual for your Panasonic HTS here:




Follow the instructions on page 38 to turn the "PCM FIX" option "Off" for the "Digital In" input.  This should correct the issue.


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Re: Optical Audio Issues...

That did the trick.....

Those options i did not know about.....

Kudos to you Somejoe.



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